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 Issue # 39 Jan 2007 
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  • BIG digital Pictures
    by Colin Miller
    Jan 2007
    With Christmas behind us, some of you no doubt have a new digital camera with a large mega-pixel rating. This is great, because now you can likely print even up to an 11x14 from your camera. But when it comes time to share these images, you don't want to send that untouched image to your family & friends. You should learn how to resize your images to a more manageable size for sharing through e-mail.

    Before you get started and after you have deleted all of the bad pictures from your most recent session, copy the entire folder at the larger size and name it "large- whatever name you like". This way, you can resize for sharing, but still have the originals for printing or to resize for a person who has a broadband connection. They can probably accept even 1900x1200 sized pictures.

    There are a few ways to resize your images:

    You likely installed a program already when installing your camera's software. Look on your desktop or programs list for something new. It would likely be named "Image ??" or something similar related to images.

    If you find something, open it and see what it can do. Every program is different, so tips for your particular program would not be available at BMI. More on preferred picture sizes for e-mailing later in the article.

    If you'd like to download something that is free and not a difficult program to use, do a search for Irfanview. Download it, install it and click File, Open to load a picture. Press L to rotate left or R to rotate right. Press ctrl+r on your keyboard to pull up the resizing window. There are presets at left or you can custom input a size. Be sure to leave the box checked next to Preserve Aspect Ratio.

    My idea of a preferred size for e-mail would be 800x600. At this size you can send 3 or 4 per e-mail to dialup customers. I recommend sending no more than 4 per email.

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