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 Issue # 39 Jan 2007 
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    by Matt Stephens
    Jan 2007

    Hello everyone and welcome to 2007. This month I would like to help everyone out with a very common question that continues to come up. The question is: "Why am I getting messages that are not addressed to me?"
    I can't tell you how many times we have received that question recently. The answer however is more simple than you might think.

    First, here is a little history lesson for you. In the old days, spam was sent through the post office. We refer to it as junk mail. Now they make shredders specifically for shredding junk mail. Handy little buggers, aren't they? Anyway, reputable companies would send you advertising mail. Most people would throw it away without ever thinking about it. Then we entered the digital age. Computers made sending junk mail a whole lot more profitable by removing the cost of postage. Companies can now send email to everyone to advertise their products. Put that into the criminal mind, and you can easily pose as a reputable company to get a trusting individual to send you money, or give you credit card information. That is how it all began.

    So we jump down the road a few years and now people are getting email that is not even addressed to them. But how is that possible? How can I get an email that is supposed to go to someone else? Well my friends and BMI family, that's not so difficult. Spam is now generated by computers. It's no longer done by people. A computer program now generates random email address and sends out spam. In addition to this, it generates mailing groups. A mailing group is a group of email addresses all categorized in the program by a single address. So what you are actually seeing is the name of the mailing group rather than the single "To:" address. While it may look like it's addressed to someone else, your email address is still in there somewhere.

    Now, most of these messages should be getting stuck in your spam filter (the Quarantine section). If any of these are making it through to your inbox, please forward them to This will help us to improve our filtering system. Any spam you get into your inbox can be forwarded to that address.
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