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 Issue # 41 March 2007 
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  • Germ Free Computers
    by Cheryl Hooker
    March 2007

    Since this is spring clean up month, I would like to suggest the following clean up for your computer:

    There are a minimum of 3 critical types of protection for your system that should be installed prior to browsing on the internet. Once you have a problem, it is harder to get rid of the problem than it is if you would have protected your system from the start.

    1.  Make sure you are scanning your system each time you use it, everyday is not too often, you should use a minimum of 3 scans every time:
          One scan for viruses (EZ Trust AV, Norton, McAfee, etc., for example) a Spyware removal scan
    and an Adware removal scan
    Infectious bugs can cost a great deal of money in the way of repairs. However, if you take the time, a few simple and necessary steps can ensure that your system is kept running smoothly. Look at it this way: "Think of it as a car; you wouldn't drive your car without oil, transmission fluid, or insurance".   These are some of the things that protect your car and ensure that it will be road worthy. The same should be true of your computer system; it is an investment, a very large investment!!

    I hope the following information will be helpful in how to protect and maintain your computer. Just because you have programs installed on your computer does not mean that they are performing the necessary scans to keep you safe and free of infestation. There is more information about security at our website: BMI Homepage . Login with your email address and password, click on the support link, and go to the protecting you and your computer section in the center of the page.

    Another useful tool is Google. Anything you need to know is just a search away. Go to Google Search and enter your search criteria in the search box, you will be amazed at what you can find!!

     BMI offers many free software downloads, just another benefit of being a BMI customer. Another way we can thank you for your continued business.

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