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 Issue # 41 March 2007 
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  • Google Earth
    by Jon Alexander
    March 2007

    Want to go traveling but don't have the money? Is there not enough time to take a vacation because you have to keep working? Would you like to have the same type of fun that you had went on vacation when you were a kid?

    Try this Google Earth  (Best with a Broadband connection)

    Google Earth is a virtual globe program that was originally called Earth Viewer and was created by Keyhole, Inc. It maps the earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS over a 3D globe.

    It is available under three different licenses:

    1.Google Earth, a free version with limited functionality;
    2.Google Earth Plus, which includes a few more features; and
    3.Google Earth Professional, intended for commercial use.

    For a quick tour around this wonderful planet we call home I would suggest putting a check mark in the Google Sightseeing tour down the left side of the Google Planet page and then clicking on the Play button pointing to the right. You will find yourself bounding across the planet faster than Superman.

    Have fun!

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