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 Issue # 41 March 2007 
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  • Clean Up The Left-Overs
    by Gena Bybee
    March 2007

    So you cleaned out your refrigerator. Now you have all those leftovers...Oh what to do with them?

    Here are some neat sites with tips on ways to use leftovers.

    A recipe for leftover mashed potatoes:

    Potato Cakes

    Potato cakes are rich and satisfying whether you make them for breakfast in the place of pancakes or for a side dish at dinner. The recipe is slightly different for each of them, though.

    Dinner side dish:

    Add three or four eggs to about a cup of leftover mashed potatoes.  Add salt, and pepper if desired.  Mix in enough flour to make a sticky dough that's not too stiff to drop by tablespoons full into a skillet of medium hot fat. Fry the cakes until they're golden brown on both sides and brush with butter. Serve while they're still hot for the best flavor. (If you're staying away from fried foods, you can bake this in a greased casserole at about 350 for thirty minutes or so - enough to cook the egg. Check it by inserting a knife in the center. It should come out clean.)

    Breakfast potato cakes:

    Use one or two eggs, and a heaping teaspoon of baking powder for each cup of potatoes. Mix well. Add enough flour to make a dough that's still a little sticky but can be shaped with your hands. Fry the same as dinner cakes, and serve with butter and syrup, honey, jelly, jam, or molasses.

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