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 Issue # 42 April 2007 
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  • Traveling With BMI
    by Matt Stephens
    April 2007

    Hello everyone in BMI Land. The weather is starting to warm up for us now, and the daydreams of travel occupy our subconscious minds; or for many of us our conscious minds.

    With that in mind, I would like to take a minute to let you all know that, yes, you can take BMI with you when you travel. Now I know that for a lot of you, the last thing on your mind when you go on vacation is your email, but what if you forgot to pay a bill before you left? What if it's 3 in the morning and you remembered that you forgot to fill up the cat's self feeder? What do you do now? Simple, drag out the laptop that you brought along to watch movies on and email your neighbor; or log into the website for the bill you forgot to pay and take care of it online.

    How is this possible? Well, we have over 46,000 dialup numbers in 250,000 cities nation wide. Yep, that's right. Our footprint covers the land between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean known as The United States! If you plan on taking your laptop with you on vacation or plan on visiting someone that already has a computer but doesn't have internet, just call us and we'll give you a local dialup number for the city you are going to. Or, even better, you can log on to BMI Phonebook and look up the cities you plan to visit on your own.  And remember....there is no extra charge to you!  You have full access to all of our numbers with your BMI subscription.

    On a side note, if by chance you are going to visit someone that doesn't have internet access already, and they want to get service, have them call us. You'll get a $5 credit on your account for referring them to us, and they'll get to benefit from the same great service you have. Plus they'll get this great newsletter each month. They just can't lose!

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