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 Issue # 43 May 2007 
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    by Matt Stephens
    May 2007

    "When I send an email with pictures, why does the person get a box with a red X?"

    Hello everyone in BMI land. "The weather is warming up and it's beautiful outside. Well, here it is; I can only hope it is where you are too".

    This past month I received an email from one of our valued customers about a topic for my column. His question even had me stumped for a logical answer. Special thanks to the internet and the Google search function for helping me come up with a multitude of answers for you.  The question is: 

    "I have a problem sending email with pictures. Most of the time the recipient gets the text but no pictures. Just little square boxes with a red "X" in them. The only way I can send them is by saving them as an attachment which works. A few emails I get from others also have this problem..."

    Now I'm sure most of you have realized by now that I can go on and on about an issue that has a relatively simple answer. So I really hope to keep this as short as possible while still being of some help.

    First, the reasons this can happen:

    1.  "The sender has sent a link shortcut instead of an image. A red box will appear in an email in the image is not available from the web site that is hosting it." A referenced image has an incorrect path and points to a non-existent image (example: the picture in question is part of an online photo album and the address to that website is mistyped).

    2.  "It is possible that your email program does not support HTML and you are unable to view images that are present in the HTML code " HTML email with images may not be viewable while offline because the picture may download from the server as you are reading the email.

    3.  "If the image is from a website as mentioned above, and your firewall program is blocking that website, you won't be able to view the pictures "(example: if is blocked by your firewall then would not be able to be viewed).

         Okay, now that we're all confused about all this, let's see if we can find a solution that will work. To start off, Outlook Express is not particularly friendly when it comes to abstract file names. If someone sends you an image that has strange characters in its name like asterisks, questions marks, dollar signs and things of that nature, there is a pretty good likelihood that your computer will not be able to view that picture. So first and foremost, verify that the file name is something normal like mattspic.jpg. A side note I would like to enter here is that while you are troubleshooting this, anytime you send a test image, follow these instructions. " In addition to the person you are sending the message too, also send the message to yourself " Once the message is sent, get off line
    *Click on start
    *Click on control panel
    *Double click on internet options
    *Click the clear history button and okay it
    *Click the delete cookies button (windows me and xp only)
    *Click the delete files button
    Then get online again, and check your email to see if the image comes through in your in box. If it does, the issue is most likely resolved.

    In most cases, the following troubleshooting step will likely take care of the issue you are having with sending messages with images in them:
    *Open Outlook Express.
    *Click on Tools, and then click on Options.
    *Go to the Send tab and click on it. Next - make sure that HTML is selected under mail sending format.
    *Click on the HTML Settings button. Make sure that there is a check mark in the box that says Send pictures with messages
    *Click OK.
    Now, just test it out and see if it works. You may have something that looks a bit different than what I described above. If this is the case:
    *Click on start, settings and control panel.
    *Double click on Internet Options
    *Click on the Advanced tab
    *Scroll down to the Multimedia section and place a check in the box for show pictures

    I sincerely hope that this helps you out if you have had this problem. Other likely causes are the picture that you are viewing was created in a format that your computer doesn't support, or the picture was not sent with the email. If that's the case, save the picture as an attachment and send it again. Most likely this is the answer to the question asked, but there will be side notes and questions as you go along. Should anything come up, feel free to call us and ask. We are here for you.

    If you have a question like this one, send it to us. We'll find the answer for you. Thanks everyone, and enjoy your spring time while it's here. Time doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

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