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 Issue # 44 June 2007 
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    by Matt Stephens
    June 2007

    Hello everyone in BMI land! With the warmer days it almost seems that we've shot right past spring and have been slammed into summer. And you know what that means, right? Vacation season is upon us! Like a lot of people, I relied heavily on the internet while planning my family vacation for the year. Or I should say my wife relied heavily upon the internet. She's the planner in our household.

    This got me thinking though about all of our customers that don't have a fast DSL connection. How long would this take on a regular dial up internet connection? Wow, that could take a while. Many of you may have heard by now, as this is a service we have offered for quite a long time, but BMI offers an internet acceleration program that will help you out doing things like this. It's called BMI Turbo.

    BMI Turbo Accelerator

    How much could this really help? Well, think of how long it takes a web site to load with your regular dialup connection. Now think of that being 7.33 times faster. Yes, that's right. Think of it this way. A 256K DSL connection is only about 5-10 times faster than your dialup account, and it costs over twice as much. But the turbo will only add $5 a month to your account. So you can load web pages at DSL speeds, without paying the much higher cost. Ah, so now we are seeing the light!

    Here's another reason to try the turbo. It's free. For the first month anyway. If you have never tried our turbo program before, what are you waiting for? It's really free for the first month. All you have to do is call our office and say "I'd like to try the turbo on my account". It takes about 3 minutes for us to add it to your account, and about 6-20 minutes for you to download it onto your computer. If you don't like it, regardless of whether it worked or not, just call us and cancel it within the first 30 days and you will not get charged for the second month, or any month after that.

    A little story to back up my claims:  A customer of BMI switched from the turbo dialup, to a 256K DSL. She called me a short time later and was a little upset that her DSL was running so slow. She said that her web sites didn't load any faster now than they did before. Well, that's because she had the turbo before.

    To defend the cost of DSL a bit, the benefits to it are you can download information a lot faster with DSL than you can with dialup. And it doesn't tie up a phone line when you are online. If for no other reason, think of the time you will save while planning your summer get-away. Think of all the things you will find on the internet to do on your vacation, that you wouldn't have taken the time to search out before. You never know until you try. Have a great month of June fellow BMI-ers. Well see ya next month.

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