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 Issue # 44 June 2007 
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  • Cheap World Travel
    by Jon Alexander
    June 2007

    I met a retired U.S. Army officer once that said no matter where he was stationed or traveled, his summers in the military always began with Memorial Day and ended with Labor Day. As you can imagine from being in the military, he did a lot of traveling.

    Myself - I'm a homebody. I've only been outside the borders of the US once, for spring break, in my sophomore year of high school. Man, 1982 seems so long ago. But I've found a way to travel this summer without paying much at all. Each one of these links will take you to almost anyplace that your imagination can take you:

    Would you like to take an ocean cruise in luxury?
     Cruise Cheap

    There are some very nice international bed and breakfast places here.
    International Bed and Breakfast Page/

    How about buying a real, honest to goodness castle?
    Castles For Sale

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