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 Issue # 4 December 2003 
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  • Do you need Anti-Virus Software?
    by Ruben Bybee
    December 2003
    One of the most common questions we have from our users is whether they should install Anti-Virus software on their computer. The quick answer is 'Yes' everyone that uses the Internet should have current anti-virus software. However, a more accurate recommendation would depend on exactly how you use the Internet.
    With BMI your email has the best protection available against viruses but you can still get viruses from other places on the Internet. If you keep your system updated by going to ( Windows Update.Com), never download files, never share files, and never put unknown software in your computer, then you will minimize your exposure to viruses.
    Anti-Virus Software is available online or at most computer locations. All Anti-Virus software requires a subscription to keep the software updated with the lastest information about known viruses (definitions). Costs for Anti-Virus Software range from about $20.00 a year to $50.00 a year.
    More Anti-Virus Software Information. Microsoft Protect Your PC Site.
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