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 Issue # 45 July 2007 
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  • Airfare
    by Cheryl Hooker
    July 2007

     The Travel Insider

    To find the very best possible fare, it is necessary to do the same things that a travel agent would do. Here are fourteen different things to consider when finding the lowest fare. A travel agent can, should, and, depending on the preferences of their client, usually does evaluate all of these things in determining your travel needs. It only takes them a few short minutes. If you want to be your own travel agent, then here are some of the things you need to consider in order to feel confident that the airline tickets/fares you are buying are likely to be good (if not best) value and most suitable for you. 

    1. Different airline for entire itinerary
    2. Different airlines for different parts of the itinerary
    3. Different time of day
    4. Different day of week outbound and/or inbound
    5. Different length of stay
    6. Positioning Flights
    7. Completely different travel dates
    8. Different Airports
    9. Different routing
    10. Different sequence of stops if multiple stop itinerary
    11. Split Ticketing
    12. Back to back and hidden city ticket loopholes
    13. Unpublished fares
    14. Too Low a Fare This information was obtained through this very informative website.

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