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 Issue # 46 August 2007 
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    by Matt Stephens
    August 2007

    Hello to everyone in BMI Land!

    There have been many questions this month, and even in previous months about how our spam filter works. It's a pretty complex system, but I'll do my best to explain it to everyone.  I'll even throw in some instructions on how to work it, so it will function the best for each individual.

    The easiest way to look at our spam system is like a series of filters. As a message comes in it is screened for things like strange attachments, pictures, content, subject lines, and even the address it is being sent from. Each filter will perform it's assigned duty, and only if the message passes all of them...will lit be delivered to you.

    Occasionally a message from someone you know will get trapped in the filer, but you really wanted the message.   Should this occur, it  is easy to fix!  When a message from someone you know gets stuck in the filter, it's fairly simple to get that message out, and prevent future messages from that person, from getting stuck again.
    Just follow these steps.
    Go to
    Check the top line and if it says Welcome visitor then use the log in function just below that.
    Once you have logged into the home page, click on the word Quarantine above where it says Welcome your email address.
    This will take you to the log in page for the spam filter. Just verify that your email address is correct and click the login button.

    Now you are in your spam filter. Next to each message you will see a little box. If there is a message in the filter that you want to have delivered, click in the little box to place a check mark there. Once you have done this for each message on the page you want to have delivered, scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see a drop down menu (a menu with a little arrow pointing down).

    Click on the arrow and then click on Deliver and Allow.
    Then simply click the Submit button.

    The next time you check your regular mail, those messages will be there for you. And future messages from those people will not be stuck in the filter either. All at once you have added them to your allow list, and delivered the message.

    As with anything here at BMI, if you have any trouble, or need any help, please feel free to call our tech support at 1-800-485-5006, or email us at We are always happy to help you. Have a great month; talk to you soon.

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