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 Issue # 46 August 2007 
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    by Scott Larson
    August 2007


    On July 8, 1947, an extraterrestrial metallic flying disc crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico...or so the story goes. Sixty years later the debate continues as to whether this was a hoax or a massive government cover-up.

    The sixty year old mystery is creating economic opportunities for what used to be a small town in New Mexico. If you are a resident of Roswell, New Mexico, you either embrace the growth or you despise it. Long time residents consider moving out of town, while new business developers, vendors, are there for the long haul.

    A developer is now proposing a $67 million resort and conference center specifically tailored for UFO enthusiasts. The resort would feature a 100 seat concert center, a 400 seat theatre, a 4-star restaurant, café, lounge, deli, and lagoon style swimming pool. The icon of the proposed resort is a 300 room motel in the shape of the "Mothership". If built it would be the world's largest replica of a flying saucer. For more info, view the developers website at Another good source for Roswell resort info is at 

    Existing local businesses are jumping on the wagon as well. The local Wal-Mart displays a huge image of a big headed green alien. The local McDonalds is now dressed up to look like a UFO. The local Arby's boasts a large sign that says "Aliens Welcome". When the local Denny's closed it's doors, it was quickly re-opened under the new name: "The Cover-up Café".

    Local retailers and souvenir vendors sell anything and everything alien related, from key chains to T-shirts to refrigerator magnets. Whether you believe in the alien conspiracy or not, one thing is for certain...Business is booming in Roswell.

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