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 Issue # 47 September 2007 
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  • What If You Couldn't See Your food?
    by Gena Bybee
    September 2007

    What if you couldn't see your food?  Mystery Food Adventure Research shows that exposure to foods at an early age is crucial for acceptance of a wide variety of foods. Further, it has been shown that with increased number of exposure to foods, children will accept up to 98% of all foods introduced.

    This activity is a great opener for a food tasting experience for young children. The following suggestion has been tried in Manitoba and is a favorite of several Community Nutritionists. Materials: " Large clean empty container with an opening large enough for children to place their hand through (e.g. milk carton) " Sock with the toe portion cut off " Glue or masking tape " Enough mystery food so that everyone can have a taste I
    1. If necessary, cut top off the chosen container to allow children's hands to fit comfortably into the container.
    2. Fit one end of the sock over the outside rim of the container. Use glue or masking tape to hold in place. This allows the contents to remain hidden, when children slip their hands through the sock into the container.
    3. Decorate the container with colorful pictures

    Procedure for activity:
    1. Place food in container.
    2. Explain to children that they will be identifying the food in the mystery container by touching it, smelling it and listening to the sound that it makes.
    3. Tell them that they will have a chance to taste the food after solving the mystery.
    4. Begin by using familiar foods and progress to less familiar ones.

    Suggested Mystery Foods: " Apple " Broccoli " Bagel " Kiwi " Grapes You may want to start "Tasting Journals" for the children to record their food experiences.

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