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 Issue # 48 October 2007 
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  • Fantasy Football
    by Victor Luna
    October 2007

    This month you will learn about Fantasy Football

    The first step of fantasy football is the draft, in which participants draw cards marked 1-8 for drafting positions. The draft goes in a ladder order with the first position draftee making the first selection, the second position draftee making the second selection, and so on until the eighth position draftee makes the eighth selection. On the second round, the draft order reverses, with the eighth draftee starting with the ninth selection and the order continuing backward from the first round until eventually returning to the first draftee whose next pick would then be the 16th.

     You can pick anybody you want that is available and here is a list of interest players you will usually want to have. Quarterback,  Running Backs,  Wide Receivers,   Tight Ends,  Kicker,  Team Defense and Special teams - Punters You will usually pick anywhere from 15 to 20 players for your draft but can only start 8-9 of them per week.

    After completing the draft, each team submits their weekly lineup to the secretary before noon each Friday. Teams compete on a weekly basis getting points by passes completed by your quarterback to catches and yards gained by both receivers and running backs. You also get points by your player scoring and kicking field goals, your defense and special teams get points by sacks interceptions and yards given up, punt returns and scoring.

    At the end of the season, teams hold a championship to crown the league champion. Usually Most wins through season wins and also Most points wins the game.

    Fantasy Football Today
    ESPN Fantasy Sports
    Yahoo Fantasy Sports
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