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 Issue # 48 October 2007 
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  • World of Warcraft
    by Erich Nuefeld
    October 2007
    World of Warcraft is a true gamers worst nightmare, simply because once you start you'll never stop. This massive game allows people to play online simultaeiously, currently 9 million people play. The games population has never decreased, more and more people continue to join, creating what many gamers would consider a real society.

    While you begin playing this game, friendships, alliances, and enemies are made. Real life emotions come out as you learn to play and explore this massive world, at times you can even get lost in its vastness, adding to the feeling of a real world.

    As you begin your journey into "Azeroth" you first must choose the side you wish to ally yourself with, either the Noble Alliance or the Vicious Horde. Most players choose to play for the alliance, in fact about 70% of the players do.

    The Alliance is lead by humans, while the Horde is controlled by Orcs. There are several races to play for each faction, each with there pro's and con's.  This game can become so intense that after confrontation with a person of the opposite faction you can actually get an adrenalin rush, as well as a feeling of pride in your faction. This feeling of pride can also make you feel anger toward the opposite faction.

    In the game the Alliance and Horde are at war and have been for some time, there are actually a series of older games stretching out over the past 10 years, and as you become more powerful and confidant you'll explore many lands with your friends and allies all the while fighting for control of these areas.

    Aside from just other players there are plenty of monsters and beasts trying to stop you as well. This game is so massive, it would take you over an hour to travel from one end of an island to another. Overall it can take years to become truly powerful, and each year the company who makes the game, "Blizzard", expands the in-game content opening new areas and challenges. So in essence the game has no "end" rather they make the players part of the games growing storyline.

    This game is often blamed for many parenting issues, when in fact you must first pay a monthly subscription to play, which is something I wouldn't have been able to do as a child without my parents consent. There are also parental controls which allow the adult to control how often and when their child can play. Erich "For the Horde!" says go, explore and have fun:   World of Warcraft

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