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 Issue # 48 October 2007 
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  • Oregon Coast
    by Mike Rochelle
    October 2007
    My article is always a destination. This time it is on the Oregon Coast. For vacation, we decided to pack up the family and journey to the coast for a few days. Although I had never been there, I had heard good things.

    Our trip started out very badly by forgetting the camera. We stopped in a small town called The Dalles for some disposable cameras until our digital camera could be Fed-Ex'd to our hotel.

    We made it through the hustle and bustle or Portland and made it all the way to Tillamook. Tillamook is famous for cheese, ice cream and the Blimp Factory.

    The Tillamook Air Museum (Blimp Factory) is a huge hanger that used to house the massive zeppelins as they patrolled the Northern Coast during World War II. Sadly, none of these zeppelin aircrafts exist where I can go see them. They do however have a Blimp hanger full of planes from all eras for the tourists.

    The Tillamook Cheese Factory was one of the favorite stops on the vacation. We were able to tour the cheese and ice cream factory and getting some Huckleberry Ice Cream satisfied my sweet tooth and the cheese tasting was awesome also.

    After spending the night there we took off south to Newport, which is the largest town on the Oregon coast. We went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and spent time checking out all it has to offer.

    The next day we drove further south to The Sea Lion Caves and traveled 200 feet down an elevator to view the Sea Lions napping on the rocks.

    Traveling further South from there, I met BMIs #1 partner Brett Feingold at Coast Computers in Florence, Or. Brett is a talented man that can get your computer needs under control if you are lucky enough to be in the general area.

    We enjoyed our time on the coast and hope you can get a chance to enjoy this vacation spot. Next Vacation, Hawaii

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