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 Issue # 48 October 2007 
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    by Matt Stephens
    October 2007

    Hello Everyone in BMI Land! The end of summer has come and gone, and we seem to be on a crash coarse for fall. This means that more of you will be back into your homes, playing on the internet again. It's funny how we can all tell what the weather is like around you, just by the calls that come into our little call center here in Washington.

    There has been a huge increase in sales calls coming in, and I thought I would take a minute to let everyone know that we have new services in our company. And with the holiday season coming up, the one I'm going to tell you what may be just what the doctor ordered for you traveling needs.

    We now have a  MOBILE BBROADBND  internet solution that you can travel with. Speeds from 100k to 1.5 meg.s per second are common. You can let your spouse drive, and surf the internet while you're going down the highway. It's great!!!

    You don't have to travel with it though.   It can be a great way for you to have broadband in remote locations. Although one thing to consider is that it works similar to cell phones, (so if you don't get very good coverage on a cell phone, you may not get any better on mobile Broadband). But all you have to do is give us a quick call and we can find out what you'd get.

    Here's another great use for mobile broadband:   College Students. Basically, when you're in college, you have two homes. With this type of service you can go from home to home and never change anything on your computer. It's the same connection regardless of where you are at.

    So if this sounds like a service you would be interested in, just give us a call at 800-485-5006 and we'll find out if you qualify for it.
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