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 Issue # 49 November 2007 
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  • The Best Server
    by Scott Larson
    November 2007
    In order to compete, many small businesses are now investing time, money, and other resources into maintaining a server and server software. These expenses can be overwhelming for the small business owner. . The added expense can force your business into making some tough decisions. You simply must have a secure server, manage your system, filter out the SPAM, etc...but you don't want to pass the cost along to you customers.

    What are you to do? You have done your price shopping and have determined that your business doesn't have the budget to spend tens of thousand of dollars on a multi-faceted server system. How will you overcome this obstacle?

    Thanks to Blue Mountain Internet, that answer is now simple. The answer is the all-in-one AtraMax Server.

    The AtraMax server was conceived, designed, and tested by Ruben Bybee and Bill Campbell. Ruben and Bill have over 50yrs. of combined experience in software/GUI design and implementation. The design team had a goal of inventing a server that could manage and filter millions of emails everyday without crashing.

    The new server had to be extremely secure not to mention affordable. After 19 months and over 24 different approaches, they finally arrived at a server solution that met all of their goals: AtraMax was born.

    The BMI AtraMax server is the first server to combine all of your server and software needs. The AtraMax is a single server that performs four vital functions:

    1. Stop the Spam - All email is filtered for spam, trojans, phishing, etc, all of your email is safely delivered without all of the annoying "junk"

    2. Security. AtraMax deploys a security shield that is nearly "bulletproof". Even the most aggressive hackers will give-up and take their efforts elsewhere. Your business and your data is safe with AtraMax!

    3. Communications Your business cannot afford to have an interruption in communications. AtraMax will dependably serve all of your Email and Instant messaging needs so you can focus on running your business

    4. Easy Controls AtraMax includes easy to use controls for checking your network status and traffic. Also included are built in tools for adding, deleting, or modifying users and hardware accounts.

    So you see, the AtraMax is truly an all-in-one server. One AtraMax server will replace multiple software and hardware pieces. AtraMax combines all of your critical functions into a single integrated server. When you choose AtraMax, all of your software license fees and security updates are included.

    Now you can enjoy the benefits of the AtraMax Server. We are so confident that this is the best small business server on the market today that we offer a satisfaction guaranteed policy. If you don't agree that this is the best small business server you have ever owned, we will refund 100% of your money.

    Call a BMI representative today and find out how easy it is to own or lease an AtraMax server.


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