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 Issue # 49 November 2007 
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  • Keeping in touch with VOIP
    by Cheryl Hooker
    November 2007

    There is a large influx of people using VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone service. What a fantastic replacement for the old standby telephone and the high cost of long distance phone service!

    It truly is great for most people; however, there are some things to consider before you decide if it is right for you. The positive side of VOIP service is that it often gives unlimited long distance service,  it only requires a limited amount of hardware, and you can use your existing high speed internet connection.

    BMI now has VOIP service available!! Check out our competitive pricing!! If you were ever thinking that you want a better way to talk for hours to family and friends, there is no time like the present!!!

    Things to take in to consideration for VOIP service are as follows:

    1-What is it going to cost for internet service or do I already have internet service that will allow me to use a VOIP system?

    2-How much do I spend in long distance per month?

    3-Do I get local technical support with my service or is my technical support coming from a foreign ?

    4-Is my internet service provider going to contract me in to a service that will be hard to afford over time or is my provider willing and able to change my service as needed to fit my service needs?:

    Keeping in touch with family and friends is crucial!!! Just remember, there is a cost for every piece of this VOIP service, make sure you have all of your information before investing in any part of the VOIP service. Still unsure?  Call BMI 8000-485-5006.  Visit our website to check out our new VOIP service:

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