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 Issue # 50 December 2007 
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    by Matt Stephens
    December 2007

    Hello everyone in BMI land!  Winter is now officially upon us, and the holidays have already started. I swear time didn't go this fast until after I got married. Or maybe I just wanted time to go by faster back then, as I had no one to enjoy the time with?

    Well, anyway, it's cold outside and that usually means that more people are at home on their computers. The more time we spend on the computers, the better chance there is of breaking them. That's where I come in. Don't be afraid to call in for help. After all, the company is paying us for our time; we might as well use it effectively helping you! With that all in mind, as well as keeping to the theme of this month's newsletter (potpourri), I thought I would cover a couple of simple little errors that seem to plague many people around this time of year.

    The first one: error 691: The username and or password are invalid on the domain. In probably 95% of cases, this error is generated because for some reason the password is not being sent by your computer to ours. We understand you never touch it, and have never changed it, but sometimes it just doesn't come through. In most cases, simply retype the password and give it another try.

    Error 680: There was no dial tone. This one comes out around this time of year too. It usually means that the modem has gone bad in your machine, but here are a couple of things to look at.
    First, check the phone line from your computer to the wall jack. Is it still plugged in? Did your cat, dog or child chew it in half? If so, replace it and try again. Remember when you replace the phone cable to be careful to plug it into to correct spot. It should be labeled line, or have a picture of a phone jack.

    I can't get online and I have DSL. Or I can't get my email with my DSL: These are common and usually the same issue. Anytime you have DSL, and you can't get your mail, try to see if you can access a web site. If you can't access a website, try your mail. This will tell you if it's your internet connection, or something else.
    If neither is working, simply unplug the power cable on the DSL modem causing all the lights to go out. Wait for 30 seconds to a minute, and then plug it back in. Most of the time this will solve any DSL issues you are having.

    I think that about does it for the frequent and easy questions for this month. If you should have a suggestion for the FAQ section for next month, email it to me at

    Everyone take care; have a great holiday season, a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year! Talk to you next year.

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