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The On Ramp

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 Issue # 50 December 2007 
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  • Where is the Newsletter
    by Rochelle Helms
    December 2007

    I have answered several e-mails and live chats asking, "Where did the link for the Newsletter go?" Well, chances are if you are reading this you know how to find it already. But you can, however, share this with your BMI neighbors. Rest assured, the newsletter, crossword and word find are not discontinued. I will now give you two ways to find it.

    First, you can just type in the address bar, press enter,  and go directly to a listing of all newsletters, past and current.

    There is also a way to add On The Ramp (the newsletter) as a quick link on your fully customizable home page. Here's how:
    In your address bar, type . (Make sure you are logged in, it will show welcome and your email address.)
    Click on the link in gray where it says customize.
    Click on the link on the top right that says your favorites and weather.
    You will see to the right 1. Title And web address with a box. In the title box type Newsletter. In the web Address (url) field type in
    Click the bottom button that says click here to submit your changes.
    Click on Home Page.

    Now on your fully customizable home page you will see MyLinks: Newsletter along the top row of links (ie webmail, billing, etc) to the far right. And that, my BMI-ions, as they say, is that.

    And as always, if you have questions or concerns please contact us at 1-800-485-5006 or by emailing us at or contact us via Live Chat by clicking on the top right corner of the home page where it says Talk to BMI with a picture of a member of the BMI family.

    Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Holiday Season!

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