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 Issue # 50 December 2007 
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  • How to organize your life
    by Cheryl Hooker
    December 2007
    Here are some helpful tips I found on this internet website: Organize Your Life 

    How to organize your life:
    1.  Notes: Keep a notepad and pen available to you at all times. You will find that jotting down ideas and appointments will help you keep your time organized.
    2.  Phone call time limit: Set a time limit to each call you make and let your caller know that you have a time limit when they call you, that way you will not be as stressed when you must end a phone call.
    3.  Use waiting time wisely: While you are waiting at the doctor, waiting for a meeting with the boss, or waiting for the roast to cook you can use that time to finish up small projects.
    4.  Ask for help: Be sure to let your co-worker or family member know when you appreciate their help so when you need help, they will be happy to help you again when you are bogged down.
    5.  Stop procrastinating: If you put off that job that you dislike, it seems like it re-produces and then you have a job that you dislike that is twice as big. Tackle that job first so that your other tasks that you don't mind doing seem like they are an easy task for you.
    6.  Delegate: If you just don't have time to complete a task, don't be afraid to ask for help or team up with somebody that has the time to help.
    7.  Plan ahead: Make a list of what you need for a project or a trip before you actually begin to put it together to save yourself unnecessary duplicate trips to the same location or back tracking your footsteps.
    8.  Schedule yourself free time: Make sure to include your much needed re-group time, even if it is just 15 or 20 minutes to take a walk.
    9.  Throw out the old: Free up space by getting rid of unneeded files or information that you have been storing that take up unnecessary space, this will save both time and money while you utilize that free space with something that is current.
    10.   Handle it once: Each piece of paper should be handled only once. If you need to file it, do that, if you need to direct it to somebody, do that, etc., do not add it to your never ending to do list and hope you will get to it eventually.
    11.   Post-it notes: Use sticky notes to leave reminders for yourself of errands that need to be done, place them where you can't miss them, for example, your front door.
    12.   Create a system that works: You will find a system that works for you, not every system works for everybody, you will find your own. Once you find a system that works, stick with it. If you stick with what works, you will find your life is more manageable by consistency.

    You can also search through Google to find other subjects you need help with, simply type in in the address bar of your browser, enter your question in the box next to the word search.

    Google is a wonderful tool for finding most anything that you need help getting answers for.

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