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 Issue # 51 January 2008 
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  • Big Brother's New Look
    by Scott Larson
    January 2008

    If you like being in front of the camera, then you will love the new sophisticated surveillance system being deployed by authorities in Chicago. In the name of public safety, faceless bureaucrats in Chicago are linking the new cameras to a very powerful computer program that will analyze street /sidewalk images and alert law enforcement whenever suspicious activities are logged.

    If the computer program deems you to be acting suspicious, the snoopervision can zoom in on you and follow you from camera to camera. Standing on a street corner?...Waiting on a Taxi?...Or maybe just sitting in you car? What would be considered suspicious? Apparently, only the authorities that monitor the cameras can define exactly what suspicious behavior is.

    After the initial deployment, the new smart cameras are scheduled to be installed in public transportation, and numerous other city agencies. The director of Chicago's new surveillance system insists that this intrusion is for our own good and we will all be much safer.

    Somewhere sits George Orwell with a silly grin, saying "I told you so".

    Public Surveillance
    California Research Bureau

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