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 Issue # 53 March 2008 
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    by KJ Newby
    March 2008

    The Brave One

    I have to give Jodie "props" for this performance; in fact it might prove to be Oscar worthy - although I doubt it. All this picture is, is a more or less re-make of the Charlie Bronson "Death Wish" vigilantism flicks.

    Jodie's boyfriend is beaten to death, she nearly is; her dog is stolen; her career almost shattered; the cops, (except for Terrence Howard), give her a runaround.  So she sets out on the path of revenge on those elements in society which make it tough on the average Jody to survive, and so forth and so on.

    For those who like a lot of gunfire, this one's for you. Foster becomes Wyatt Earp; blood spurts, burps and splatters. She walks around for 2 hours with that same grimace on her face, yet she's enjoying every minute of the mayhem she's causing.

     Fantastic show and a must see for Jodie Foster fans.

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