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 Issue # 54 April 2008 
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    by Rochelle Helms
    April 2008

    Good month of April BMI family! As you know I find things for the kids and family. This month I was excited to see the theme: DISCOVER. Oh the possibilities!

     Of course, I have to give you the link to discovery kids, I love this site. Discovery Kids I am a big science and history buff, so I try to spark an interest in those subjects in my children.

    Here's one site that helps Discover Education

    However, if you have kids in your life like mine, they like the yucky stuff. Here's a fun way to educate them using thing things they like Yucky ... but better yet it is safe and fun.

    For the older kids (as well as the parents), this site is amazing to me but works better if you have a high speed internet connection. Discovery Channel.

    I saved my absolute favorite site for last, KIDS .

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