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 Issue # 56 June 2008 
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  • Kites
    by Scott Larson
    June 2008

    Washington State International Kite Festival  (WSIKF) For anyone who is undecided on a vacation destination for your summer vacation...this is a spectacle almost everyone can enjoy. The Washington State International Kite Festival is held annually in Long Beach, Washington on the third week of August.

    The WSIKF is generally regarded as the premier kite festival for North America. The event features daily competitions for all age groups and kite categories.

    Popular competitive events include:
    The team stunt flyers
    Fighter and battle kites

    Non-competitive events include:
    The lighted night flyers
    The crazy kites

    Spectators can bring their own kites and fly in designated public flying areas. Most of the major kite manufacturers have a presence at the festival and will sell their products to anyone with cash or credit card.

    If you are unable to attend the event and are interested in buying a high quality kite, visit the Into the Wind website. The nice people at Into the Wind would be happy to send you a catalogue on request.

    If you attend the WSIKF, be sure and bring your camera, because words alone simply cannot describe the colorful pageantry of this event!

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