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 Issue # 56 June 2008 
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  • Get The Kids Outdoors
    by Rochelle Helms
    June 2008

    These days it seems there are not as many kids playing outside.  I remember when I was younger spending sun up to sun down playing outside. Everything from riding bikes to flying kites. I even remember making up our own flavors of Tag (i.e. Cereal tag). So let me show you some helpful ways to get the kids away from the game systems, televisions and computers and outside in the sun. Let's start with camping.

     When I think of summer, I think camping. Here are the Ten Camping Commandments to build excitement outdoors:
    Camping Commandments 

    This next one is just clickable links to games you can play with a group of kids. So when your kids bring their friends, bring them all outside. There are even rules provided, in case you forgot how to play:
    Kids Games

    A few more of my favorite games:
     Outdoor Party Games

    Normally, I find sites to go to on the computer that the family can learn from and enjoy. This time it's all about giving you ideas to get outside and play with the kids.
    Outdoor Games

    And if all else fails, break out the sprinkler and run in the water that falls down around you. Remember the sunscreen, the golden rule and most of all, remember to have fun!

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