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 Issue # 56 June 2008 
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  • Crispy Spider Legs
    by Ruben Bybee
    June 2008

    Gena and I are avid weekend World of Warcraft (WOW) players. We spend about 10 hours per week playing to build up our online characters and escape to a fantasy world.

    Gena has a 28th level Paladin named KissDJ and I have a 28th level Hunter named MetalBeast. We also have a pet vampire bat named Scruffy, affectionately named after our mini-schnauzer. There is an uncanny resemblance to Scruffy in the game and our pet in real life.

    Now what is this about Crispy Spider Legs? Well you can hunt large spiders and then cook the spider meat to increase your cooking skills. These tasty spider legs are great for leveling because they do not require any spices.

    Learn more about leveling cooking skills in just 2 hours from this great article at

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