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 Issue # 59 Sept 2008 
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  • The Hardest Part of Going to School
    by Erich Nuefeld
    Sept 2008

    I've reached a conclusion that the hardest part of going to school just that, actually going. It's easy to pay the money (if you have it), sign up for classes and have it set in your mind that you're now "in school".  But actually having the will to make it the #1 priority is tough.

    When I started back to classes after High School,  I showed up for each class everyday... but after a few weeks...not so much. I found more important things to take up my time. The first of which was money. For instance I would tell myself  "Well I don't need to be there every day of the week" and so I would ask for more hours at work as I didn't like to see my paychecks so low. With that attitude my will to keep going, quickly deteriorated. It started with one day a week then two, before I knew it I was working full time again and not even able to attend the classes I had paid for.

    I had lost the direction I once had. This loss of direction would lead me to actually stop going all together. A decision made mostly out of, what I call, "40 hour syndrome". I simply had got back in the rut of working 5 days a week and lost my desire to learn.  I almost felt trapped. Well a few years later and a few lessons learned, I'm going to accomplish what I started.

    Initially my desire to go to school was to make more money.  That is the reason, I had been taught. Upon deciding to return, I now realize the real drive to go to school should come from a persons thirst to learn.  

    To avoid the stress and time of driving to school, driving to lunch, driving back to school, driving to work, and then driving home.  I realized "Hey I have the Internet, the worlds largest resource of knowledge, why do I have to show up to classes?"

    So I looked into it and realized my own local Community College offers many classes online. And most of those classes aren't just Q&A, they actually have software that comes| with the book you buy to help you learn.  I also found most of the "in-school classes" I have taken do not accept paper assignments,(The professors have you EMAIL your assignments to them)  In addition, I discovered that most teachers are willing to tell you the days that are most important to come to class, which ones you can  miss and what curriculum would be covered that day

    Now, I've been able to re-enroll with the confidence that I will be able to learn what is necessary to understand the subject as well as still feel I have the freedom to do the things that I would otherwise not have the time for.  The Internet has changed "Going To School" as we knew it.

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