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 Issue # 59 Sept 2008 
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    by Gena Bybee
    Sept 2008
    Online dictionaries have many links to a lot of cool learning tools, a word of the day, crossword puzzles as well as other word games. Some even have online translators and yet others have spell checkers. There are many different dictionaries available, each with their own set of features and tools.

    The online dictionaries let you search by typing a word in a search bar. So, the age old question is "If I don't know how to spell it, how can I find it?" Not to worry... if you spell it wrong they will give you suggestions of words similar to the one you typed in. You just click on one, and it gives you the definition so you can see if it is the right one. Some dictionaries even let you search by word definition.

    Merriam Webster:
    This is my favorite:
    It features a free online dictionary and thesaurus, word games, a word of the day, and many other English language and vocabulary reference tools. It has a fun link for kids (a tab at the top) called Word Central that has lot of cool learning tools. You can build your own dictionary, or look up words in a student dictionary. It also has a "daily Buzzword" that allows you to click on it for an audio pronunciation of it.

    The Free Dictionary:
    This is a free online dictionary and thesaurus, with an encyclopedia link. This is the one that allows you to search by word definition. In addition, this site has a "Word of the Day" and a "Quote of the Day" and an "Article of the day". This features a free online Dictionary, Thesaurus, Crossword Puzzle, Word Games, a Word of the Day and an Online Translator.

    Online dictionary and thesaurus. You have to "register" first, before you can do anything, even the crossword puzzle helper, so it is not one of my favorites.

    This is a rhyming dictionary and has link to a thesaurus too. It features a search for rhyming words, has reference tools, and a spell checker.

    All of these sites are not only helpful to a student, but just plain entertaining to the "word-minded". Have some fun and take a look!

    A Word of Caution: all these sites have advertisements.
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