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 Issue # 60 October 2008 
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  • Why Go Green?
    by Rebecca Sheridan
    October 2008
    A few months ago I took an environmental science class. While taking this class my eyes were opened. Whenever I heard "going green" I never really thought much about it. Going green did not fit in with my list of priorities. 

         As the weeks in the class progressed I started to see the reality of the danger our earth is in. Our natural resources are disappearing beneath our feet. Did you know that a child born in the US will use twenty times more of the earth's natural resources than a child born in a third world country?

         Take a look at these sites and the devastating aftermath of the environmental abuse our Earth has endured. Remember that we can make the Earth a cleaner place to live one person at a time.

    Environmental Disasters
    Discover Magazine
    Go Green
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