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 Issue # 61 November 2008 
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  • Shopping online
    by Rochelle Helms
    November 2008

     As we all are very much aware, the purse strings are a little tighter. There are all kinds of ways to save money by using the internet. Why not make the "net" work for you?     Making money
    Finding free stuff
    Trading the traditional commute for a virtual commute (such as, working from home or shopping online)  Take a look:   Save money and get Freebies

    Most of us know that you can shop online and save the gas while having the goods delivered to your front door. I admit that I was slow to try shopping online. But now that I have: I am hooked. Especially, with the holidays coming...(I don't know about the rest of you, but I do not enjoy the shopping crowds) so buying things online in the comfort of my den, is exactly the shopping experience I prefer. And I save gas! 

    Here is an article that has a plethora of online department stores. Best Buy Deals

    You can also find information on how to save money in other ways on the Internet:
    66 Ways 

    And what about the cost of college text books? I recently, read this article that I thought was great for sharing:

    If you are like me, you are trying to find creative ways to cut costs at home. Before you think about getting rid of the internet because of cost, think about all the ways your internet service can save you money and virtually pay for itself:
    Make and Save Money With Your Computer

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