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 Issue # 61 November 2008 
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    by Rebecca Sheridan
    November 2008

    The days of trying to juggle work, school, and your home life are over!!! Finally we have the ability to attend school at home whenever we can. No more scheduled classes to try to work around.

    With online classes a person can work full time and go to school full time without sacrificing important family time. I cannot tell you how much time I save not driving to class or trying to make the schedule. As a parent in today's world work is a must. Many of us do not have the option to either go to work or school. I give thanks to online college for giving me the opportunity to further my education while still providing for my family.

    The amount of money I save on babysitters and gas is a blessing. I can literally go to class whenever I want. Since I can go whenever I want I can still make money at work! I am not wasting money eating on the run because I can make dinner while going to class. No running to the vending machine between classes wasting money on over priced snacks.

    Take it from me, if you want to save time and money while furthering your education take online classes. Below are a couple of links to help you get started:

    Axia Phoenix

    Online Colleges and Degrees

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