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 Issue # 62 December 2008 
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  • Christmas Traditions
    by Rochelle Helms
    December 2008

    It seems that the family traditions are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Or maybe it's just me. So, I was thinking about the traditions my mom passed onto me and then started thinking I want to add our own. Something they can pass on to their families from their childhood. I went looking for ideas. Everyone, everywhere, has some kind of tradition:
    Christmas Traditions

    I always make fudge. A few kinds of fudge. I bring it to work for my co-workers and give some away as neighborly gifts:
    Old Fashioned Fudge

    My mom would have we kids make decorations which still adorn her tree each year. The tree itself was/is special because we go out, select and cut down our own tree together. I loved it because we spent time with just her. Plus, I see pieces of my childhood, some of my most treasured memories hanging amongst the tiny lights on her green tree branches. Now, my kids join the tree of memories. It just warms my heart:
    Christmas Crafts
    Christmas Decorations

    I like to sing, (badly), but I love music. One of our new traditions, we sing songs. We all have our personal favorite. So, I make hot cocoa and we sit together in the living room and sing to, and with, each other. If you need help with the lyrics, follow this link:
    Christmas Song Lyrics

    One of my personal traditions, one I do for just me, is my favorite movies. My favorite movie, perhaps ever made is "It's a Wonderful Life". I watch it probably 3 times a year. Not just at Christmas:
    It's A Wonderful Life

    Another tradition I have with my kids is never forgetting our pets at Christmas. They have their own stockings with gifts just for them:
    Presents for a Dog

    Last, but not least, try to find your own traditions. Something that suits you and your family. It's like your personal history in the making. I read great tradition ideas on these sites.
    Christmas 2008

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