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 Issue # 62 December 2008 
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  • THE present
    by Tyler Brown
    December 2008

    It's hard to believe, but I've already received my first Christmas present! It was a new Ipod Touch, and it's aptly named.  When you start pressing the buttons, you really don't stop. I consider myself fairly technologically minded, however when I picked this up, even I was shocked at what it could do

    -You can connect wirelessly to the internet
    -Surf the web using the Safari Web Browser (included)
    -Use your social networking programs...such as Yahoo and MSN
    -Access your email
    -Check the weather
    -It's a clock, calculator, alarm, timer and calendar
    -You can get directions, and see maps
    -It is your own personal health center - track your calories and workouts and use it as a pedometer when you walk or run.

    As if that is not enough....

    -It is an MP3 player for music and books
    -It is a photo album for sharing your digital photos

    But wait...there's MORE: 

    The above listed features come standard and are already loaded on your Ipod Touch when it is shipped.  You can download thousands of applications through the FREE ITunes Store.  Many of these applications are FREE, but some sell for anywhere from .99 cents up.  Games, utilities, productivity, business tools, entertainment, sports, reference and the list goes on.

     So if you're stuck wondering what kind of gift to get someone, this is it, young and old has something for everyone. 

    Like the sound of that?  Well....FIND SANTA and maybe you will win one!

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