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 Issue # 62 December 2008 
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  • Christmas Giving
    by Michelle Mook
    December 2008

    This time of year, with gifts to locate and purchase, wrapping to do, cards to mail, food to buy and meals to cook...we often become overwhelmed with the stress of the holiday season. I find that giving something, even a little, can help me keep the season in perspective.

    For local volunteering gigs, I use Volunteer Match. You can sign up and the system will match your skills with work needed nearby.

    To find a charity that matches your interests, use Charity Navigator.

    Before I give money, I usually vet the charity I have in mind against online watchdog organizations because not all charities are on the up-and-up. Check Charity Watch before sending off that check.

    Remembering that the biggest part of receiving is giving and it is healthy for everyone. Keeping the less fortunate in our minds and hearts is the essence of the Christmas season. Happy holidays!

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