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The On Ramp

The Blue Mountain Internet Customer Newsletter

 Issue # 26 December 2005 
  • Greetings from the Editor
  •  by Carol Hall
  • BMI Mail Testers Needed 
  • by Ruben Bybee
  • Holiday humor
  •  by Colin Miller
  • Online Shopping 
  • by Mike Rochelle
  • Helpful Tips
  •  by Carol Hall
  • Online Classes 
  • by Jose Acosta
  • Holiday Flavor!
  •  by Gena Bybee
  • Jesting with Jon 
  • by Carol Hall
  • Where is the Owners Manu ...
  •  by Tony Abrego
  • Windows to the Weather 
  • by KJ Newby
  • Grandma's China
  •  by Gena Bybee
  • Why BMI? 
  • by Matt Stephens
  • Find Santa Contest
  •  by Carol Hall
  • POM Coast Computers 
  • by Jon Alexander
  • Kudos
  •  by Matt Stephens
  • The Winners Circle 
  • by Carol Hall
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    Greetings from the Editor
    by Carol Hall

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    Greetings to all! I hope you enjoy this month's edition of "The On Ramp" and find the information not only interesting, but useful!

    I wish each and every one of you a Blessed and Happy Holiday Season!

    If there is a particular subject you would like discussed, please let me know. Email me at

    Thank you, and Enjoy!

    Holiday humor
    by Colin Miller

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    It's almost that time again. Yes, December 25th is rapidly approaching. After the stress of shopping and the frenetic fervor of getting the presents wrapped before the kids barge in, find some time for holiday humor!

    Q - Who is never hungry at Christmas?
    A - The turkey - he's always stuffed!

    Q - Wha...

    Helpful Tips
    by Carol Hall

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    One of the best things about using your computer, is the ability to customize it to suit your needs. I recently had a customer ask me about increasing the font size in our newsletter to make it easier to read. You may have run across this same type of situation in any webpage you have visited. Not to fret... YOU control what... - CONTINUED

    Holiday Flavor!
    by Gena Bybee

    full story  | top
    I found an excellent source of recipes for the holidays on the net: Food Network's Food TV,
    Click on the TV tab and select a show. I chose the show we watch called "Semi-homemade cooking with Sandra Lee". She had several shows for Thanksgiving and she will have more for Christmas. Her recipes ...

    Where is the Owners Manual?
    by Tony Abrego

    full story  | top
    Have you ever lost the owner's manual for your T.V, stereo, or any of those cool electronic gadgets in your home? Maybe you bought something at a yard sale, or on Ebay, only to find out you don't know how to use it? That can be overwhelmingly frustrating, and you waste much time "trying to figure it out" or continually looking for the m... - CONTINUED

    Grandma's China
    by Gena Bybee

    full story  | top
    "Have you ever used grandma's china for the holidays and broke one of the pieces? The entire family was upset with you... now you are saved from the family!

    There are many sites on the net. You can find replacements for china, stoneware, crystal, glassware, silverware, stainless steel ware, a...

    Find Santa Contest
    by Carol Hall

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    Last year, we ran a very popular contest that entered people into a drawing for NEW COMPUTER! We are very pleased to announce that we will be running that contest again this year.

    This is how it works:

    We hide a picture of Santa somewhere on our BMI and CONTINUED

    by Matt Stephens

    full story  | top
    "I really appreciate your help and PATIENCE"
    . - Ken D Milton-Freewater, OR

    "I have called several times for help in different areas and no matter who I talk to I have gotten help immediately. Everyone is always so friendly and are so happy to help me. With other servers we have used, it wasn't like that so we are so pl...

    BMI Mail Testers Needed
    by Ruben Bybee

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    BMI has spent the past year working on our Atrica server technology. This technology has integrated anti-spam, anti-phish, anti-virus, and anti-worm technologies.

    We have been testing the system in house for about 6 months now. Fine tuning the spam filtering mechanisms and installing the user level control of quarantine and spam. We...

    Online Shopping
    by Mike Rochelle

    full story  | top
    Ever wonder where people who are on the internet all day at work, shop online? Here at BMI, we are always looking for a good deal and a quality product. One of my favorite things to locate are 1940 thru 1950 apple crate labels. The best place to find these at a reasonable price is at Ebay.


    Online Classes
    by Jose Acosta

    full story  | top
    Classes have been in session for a few months now and maybe you find yourself wishing you had registered for that class or two you've been wanting to take. Now you have to wait another month or two, or even a year perhaps, right? Perhaps not! One of the myriad of benefits offered with the advent of the internet is online courses - CONTINUED

    Jesting with Jon
    by Carol Hall

    full story  | top
    Jon has been with BMI for 2 years and serves as one of our Customer Service Representatives. In addition to helping customers with questions, he is also in charge of our Partner Program at BMI. Jon excels at being not only helpful and friendly, but very thorough in all he does! We are very pleased to have Jon as part ... - CONTINUED

    Windows to the Weather
    by KJ Newby

    full story  | top
    This month I will be exploring the wonderful world of weather on the Internet. There are many sites and programs dedicated to giving you accurate and current weather conditions for all areas of the world & even yours!

    First of all, our homepage at BMI Home Page is fully customizable to incl...

    Why BMI?
    by Matt Stephens

    full story  | top
    "Why BMI?"

    Knowing that Blue Mountain Internet gives you a $5 credit for each person you refer to us, might give you incentive to tell people about us. But what happens when the person you are referring to us asks "why"? You could tell them that when they sign up you get $5, but how does that help them?

    America is filled w...

    POM Coast Computers
    by Jon Alexander

    full story  | top
    Blue Mountain Internet's Partner of the Month for December 2005 is: Coast Computers in Florence Oregon. Brett Feingold founded Coast Computers in 1995 and offers services from new computer sales to network consulting.

    Services include:
    • Computer repair and sales
    • Internet sales
    • Network consulting... - CONTINUED

    The Winners Circle
    by Carol Hall

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    Congratulations to our November 2005 Puzzle winners!!

    Opal C of Baker City, OR for the Wordfind and Vicki W. of Quincy, WA for the Crossword
    The lucky winners each receive 3 FREE months of service from BMI

    Cheryl J of Walla Walla, WA was the winner of last month's Movie Madness contest and will receive a FREE $20.00 Walmart Movie Card.


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