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The On Ramp

The Blue Mountain Internet Customer Newsletter

 Issue # 27 January 2006 
  • Greetings from the Editor
  •  by Carol Hall
  • BMI Blogs Online 
  • by Ruben Bybee
  • Real Estate Online
  •  by K J Newby
  • Where am I? 
  • by Jose Acosta
  • Helpful Tips
  •  by Carol Hall
  • Holiday Binge and Diet 
  • by Matt Stephens
  • Just Jose...
  •  by Carol Hall
  • Who are you? 
  • by Nathan oNeel
  • Fitness
  •  by Nathan O'Neel
  • Resolution Laughter 
  • by Colin Miller
  • Online Communities
  •  by Mike Rochelle
  • POM Johns Computer Depo 
  • by Jon Alexander
  • Kudos
  •  by Matt Stephens
  • Winners Circle 
  • by Carol Hall
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    Greetings from the Editor
    by Carol Hall

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    Greetings and Welcome to 2006!! Another wonderful year to come, things to learn, and people to meet!

    I hope you enjoy this edition of "The On Ramp"! I have tried to provide an assortment of interesting topics, helpful links and tips to assist you in your Internet Adventures. If you have any items you would like to see in future newsletters, please email me at:

    Real Estate Online
    by K J Newby

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    Buying a new home? Thinking of selling your home? If you are, then this article is just for you because there are many websites dedicated to your real estate needs.

    Here is an easy way to look at many homes and properties in a selected area:
    Simply go to the site, enter in your desired area and price range, then ...

    Helpful Tips
    by Carol Hall

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    I received this tip from a customer this month, and thought it would be very helpful to any of you that are struggling with "International Emailing" If you have some helpful tips you would like to share, please Email me at

    I am from Russia and I write and receive e-m... - CONTINUED

    Just Jose...
    by Carol Hall

    full story  | top
    Jose has been with BMI for about 6 months. Although he is considered "the new kid", he brings to BMI a lot of experience from his previous career at Microsoft, as well as many years as a director and Technical Administrator at a private school. Jose is not only a joy to work with, but a great asset to BMI! Here is a glimpse of who he is:

    ... - CONTINUED

    by Nathan O'Neel

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    Fitness: we all would like to be fit but it requires work and devotion. Not everybody is up to the task. A good fitness plan is always needed for a healthy lifestyle. This means healthy foods and exercise. With the internet at your finger tips, making a plan is easier than ever before!

    You first have to ask the rig...

    Online Communities
    by Mike Rochelle

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    "Have you heard the news?" "Everyone is talking about them." It's Online Communities. They're everywhere and anywhere.

    There are many websites that allow you to "create your own space" within an online community. You can join an existing community, or start your own and invite your family and friends. Wi...

    by Matt Stephens

    full story  | top
    It is always nice to hear great things about our staff. We pride ourselves on being different than other companies. We offer many ways to contact our staff. You can call us directly and talk to a live person, we have live chat that also links you to a person in our office, and we have email that will be answered by one... - CONTINUED

    BMI Blogs Online
    by Ruben Bybee

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    In December, BMI released our first Personal Blogging system for BMI users. This FREE SERVICE from BMI allows you to share your thoughts and ideas with others. You can access the BMI Blogs by visiting the home page and clicking on Blogs at the top. The Public Blog Web Site is - CONTINUED

    Where am I?
    by Jose Acosta

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    "How Do I Get There? I'm Lost!"

    You are planning a road trip with sightseeing stops along the way, but you are not sure about the route, or where those points of interest are located. Or perhaps you wish to give directions to a particular location for a social get-together, but you just don't have that gift of artistry to mak...

    Holiday Binge and Diet
    by Matt Stephens

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    It's a holiday tradition. Much like the traditions of opening gifts, watching football, sledding down long slopes and building snowmen - EATING (No, I should say gorging ) ourselves to the point of bursting at the seams has become a tradition also. In addition, DIETING shortly after New Years has become t... - CONTINUED

    Who are you?
    by Nathan oNeel

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    Genealogy - One's family history and heritage.

    This can make a good topic to discuss amongst your family. You'll be able` to ramble on for hours! Knowing your historical linage is very important to your identity. A great gift idea for family members is your "compilation and additions" to the research of your fam...

    Resolution Laughter
    by Colin Miller

    full story  | top
    2006! It is once again time for resolutions. Here are some humorous New Year resolutions. Hopefully you'll find some tips on what NOT to do:

    Are you sick of making the same resolutions year after year that you never keep? Why not promise to do something you can actually accomplish? Here are some resolutions that you ...

    POM Johns Computer Depo
    by Jon Alexander

    full story  | top
    Partner of the Month for January, 2006 is John's Computer Depot in Baker City, Oregon.

    John and Karen Deshiro started their business in May of 1998. They offer services from business technology consulting to computer networking. Other services are:

    • Hardware and Software Sales, Support and Training
    • Netw... - CONTINUED

    Winners Circle
    by Carol Hall

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    Congratulations to our December 2005 Puzzle winner!!

    David R of Boardman, OR for the Crossword! The lucky winner receives 3 FREE months of service from BMI

    We did not have a winner for the December Wordfind, however, staff member Gena B persevered and solved it! The winner of the "Find the Santa" Contest will be announced in the February newsletter!


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