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The On Ramp

The Blue Mountain Internet Customer Newsletter

 Issue # 34 August 2006 
  • Greetings from the Editor
  •  by Carol Hall
  • GeoCaching 
  • by Jon Alexander
  • Have it YOUR Way!
  •  by Nathon O'Neel
  • Gold Fever 
  • by Victor Luna
  • FAQ
  •  by Matt Stephens
  • Metal Detecting 101 
  • by KJ Newby
  • Referral Winners
  •  by BMI Staff
  • Riddle Time 
  • by Nathon o'Neel
  • Shipwreck Search
  •  by Tony Abrego
  • LetterBoxing 
  • by Carol hall
  • BMI's Treasure Chest
  •  by Mike Rochelle
  • Kudos 
  • by Matt Stephens
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    Greetings from the Editor
    by Carol Hall

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    A wonderful August is now upon us! Vacation time is coming to an end, and "back to school" time is right around the bend. I hope you enjoy this edition of The On Ramp and I look forward to hearing from you. This issue is dedicated to the art and fascination of "Treasure Hunting" Whether it is finding a flake of gold in a... - CONTINUED

    Have it YOUR Way!
    by Nathon O'Neel

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    Did you know you can customize your BMI home page?
    What does this mean? It means that you can customize your BMI homepage to include content that YOU want and in the order YOU want to view it!
    We offer a wide variety of options to tailor it for yourself. Maybe you want to see the Goo...

    by Matt Stephens

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    Greets to all of our wonderful Blue Mountain Internet subscribers! You may remember that last month I asked for suggestions about topics to discuss in the newsletters. I am happy to inform you that over the past month I received a few suggestions. So, I picked one that I thought many of you wonder about from time to time. Connect... - CONTINUED

    Referral Winners
    by BMI Staff

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    Congratulations to our July 2006 Referral winners!!

    To enter in this month's "Refer a Friend" contest, simply refer someone to BMI. If they signup, both YOU and your FRIEND are entered into the drawing for great prizes!

    Barbara B. of Boardman, OR for referring Sandra C of Boardman, OR
    Brad D. of Caldwell, ID was referred by Jean Anne K of Cove, OR.

    EACH lucky winner received $25.00 credit on their BMI Account!


    Shipwreck Search
    by Tony Abrego

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    This type of treasure hunting is probably not for you average 'weekend adventurer", however, it is a most fascinating topic!

    Underwater explorers may have hit the jackpot with the discovery of the Civil-War era S.S. Republic. The paddlewheel steamship went to the bottom of the Atlantic in 1865 with a cargo of...

    BMI's Treasure Chest
    by Mike Rochelle

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    Special Things from BMI
    In my own words "The internet is the internet". You can get to from BMI or any other provider. You can also use your existing Instant Messenger with just about any internet provider.

    So what makes the difference?

    At BMI, the difference is those little things...

    by Jon Alexander

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    Have some fun! Occasionally I run into a cool web site about a particular place or an exciting thing to do. GeoCaching is the best of both worlds!

    What is Geocaching? Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for Global Position System (GPS) users. Participating in ...

    Gold Fever
    by Victor Luna

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    Do you think that panning for gold is a thing of the past - just something you see in the movies but never seriously considered doing? Think again...many people still do it for fun and profit! Who may find a valuable nugget!

    All you need to pan for gold is
    • A shovel
    • An old dishpan (or a $5 gold pan)... - CONTINUED

    Metal Detecting 101
    by KJ Newby

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    The hobby of metal detecting is now firmly established in Britain, the USA, Australia and many European countries. The many thousands of metal detectorists who enjoy this fascinating hobby reap benefits in a variety of ways; relaxation away from the pressures of work or domestic life, fresh air and exercise, and making new friends an... - CONTINUED

    Riddle Time
    by Nathon o'Neel

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    When can you add 2 + 11 and 1 is the correct answer?
    When you add 2 hours to 11 O'Clock to get 1 O'Clock.

    Which would be worth more: A pound of $10 pure gold coin -or- 1/2 a pound of $20 pure gold coin?
    A pound of gold is always worth more than 1/2 pound!

    Which two 5-...

    by Carol hall

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    Okay, so you don't own a GPS, or a sonar device. You are not keen on digging and getting you knees dirty. The idea of swirling sediment in a dishpan doesn't excite you. You can STILL BE A TREASURE HUNTER! An up an coming pastime that weaves navigation, clues, art and intrigue together is referred to as 'LetterBoxing... - CONTINUED

    by Matt Stephens

    full story  | top
    Nate, I want to thank you so much for all your patience and help in walking me through the anti-virus program. I thank all of the staff at BMI for the great job you do.
    -Ron W.- Veneta, OR

    "Thank you Nathan and Tony. BMI is the greatest especially for a computer know nothing like me."
    Thank you.
    -Johanna S.<...

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