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The On Ramp

The Blue Mountain Internet Customer Newsletter

 Issue # 48 October 2007 
  • Greetings from the Editor
  •  by Carol Hall
  • BMI 4 Business 
  • by Scott Larson
  • Oregon Coast
  •  by Mike Rochelle
  • Halloween Fun 
  • by Colin Miller
  • A Little Laugh
  •  by Carol Hall
  • Crossword 
  • by Tami Rochelle
  • Between two Slices of Br ...
  •  by Gena Bybee
  • Scams 
  • by Cheryl Hooker
  • Fantasy Football
  •  by Victor Luna
  • PictureFind 
  • by BMI Staff
  • Movie Review
  •  by KJ Newby
  • FAQ 
  • by Matt Stephens
  • World of Warcraft
  •  by Erich Nuefeld
  • Bounced Email 
  • by Tony Abrego
  • Wordfind
  •  by Carol Hall
  • Kudos 
  • by Matt Stephens
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    Greetings from the Editor
    by Carol Hall

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    Greetings to all of is OCTOBER already! October.....the 10th month. That makes very little sense to me though. "Octo" in Latin means why is that the name of the 10th month? That will give me something to ponder this month I suppose. If I run out of things to ponder....I can go to: Language Questions and waste some more time! 

    I hope you enjoy this edition of The On Ramp and spend some time clicking on the links and exploring!

    I welcome your comments and additions to the newsletter! Please email me at

    Oregon Coast
    by Mike Rochelle

    full story  | top
    My article is always a destination. This time it is on the Oregon Coast. For vacation, we decided to pack up the family and journey to the coast for a few days. Although I had never been there, I had heard good things.

    Our trip started out very badly by forgetting the camera. We sto... - CONTINUED

    A Little Laugh
    by Carol Hall

    full story  | top
    How do you fix a flat pumpkin?
    With a Pumpkin patch

    What month are trees scared of?

    What did baby Corn say to Mama Corn?
    Where is Pop-corn?

    What is a mummy's favoarite type of music?

    Between two Slices of Bread
    by Gena Bybee

    full story  | top
    A sandwich is a food item typically made of two slices of bread between which are laid one or more layers of meats, cheeses, vegetables or the old stand by peanut 2 butter and jelly.

    Grilled "Philly" Cheese Steak 
    tablespoons unsalted butter
    2 tablespoons all-purpose flour

    Fantasy Football
    by Victor Luna

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    This month you will learn about Fantasy Football

    The first step of fantasy football is the draft, in which participants draw cards marked 1-8 for drafting positions. The draft goes in a ladder order with the first position draftee making the first selection, the second position draftee ma... - CONTINUED

    Movie Review
    by KJ Newby

    full story  | top

    The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) Review: After a thrilling set of two, we get the final installment. Here's my take: The Bourne Ultimatum has it all. We have Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) on the coattails of the ones who know everything. He has been running for too long. This time, it ends.

    The Bou... - CONTINUED

    World of Warcraft
    by Erich Nuefeld

    full story  | top
    World of Warcraft is a true gamers worst nightmare, simply because once you start you'll never stop. This massive game allows people to play online simultaeiously, currently 9 million people play. The games population has never decreased, more and more... - CONTINUED

    by Carol Hall

    full story  | top
    Congratulations Pam P. of Pendleton, OR for winning the drawing for the September 2007 Wordfind! Pam received a $25.00 credit on her BMI account! Visit our Autumn WordFind Now.

    BMI 4 Business
    by Scott Larson

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    Blue Mountain Internet is proud to introduce the new BMI 4 Business Collaboration Suite. BMI can now offer our business customers an innovative new tool for sharing Emails, calendars, contacts, and documents.

    The Collaborat... - CONTINUED

    Halloween Fun
    by Colin Miller

    full story  | top

    Halloween isn't just for kids. Adults can have fun too! is a place where adults can order a costume for themselves. Join your kids and dress up!

     Check out &... - CONTINUED

    by Tami Rochelle

    full story  | top
    Congratulations to Betty F. of Milton-Freewater, OR for winning the drawing for the September 2007 Crossword! Betty received a $25.00 credit on her BMI account! Visit our October Lines Crossword Now.

    by Cheryl Hooker

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    1. The "Nigerian" Email Scam
    2. Phishing
    3. Work-at-Home Scams
    4. Weight Loss Claims
    5. Foreign Lotteries
    6. Cure-All Products
    7. Check Overpayment Scams
    8. Pay-in-Advance Credit Offers
    9. Debt Relief
    10. Investment Schemes

    Rule... - CONTINUED

    by BMI Staff

    full story  | top
    Congratulations to Barbara C. of Florence, OR for winning the drawing for the September 2007 Picturefind! Barbara received a $25.00 credit on her BMI account! Visit our October PictureFind Now.

    by Matt Stephens

    full story  | top

    Hello Everyone in BMI Land! The end of summer has come and gone, and we seem to be on a crash coarse for fall. This means that more of you will be back into your homes, playing on the internet again. It's funny how we can all tell what the weather is like around you, just by the calls that come into our little call... - CONTINUED

    Bounced Email
    by Tony Abrego

    full story  | top

    In computer words, a bounced email is one that never arrives in the recipient's inbox and is sent back, (or bounced back), to the sender with an error message indicating to the sender that the e-mail was never successfully transmitted.  This is also referred to as a Mailer Daemon.


    by Matt Stephens

    full story  | top
    "Thank YOU! I have contacted BMI support often, and have been very well satisfied with the responses. Your staff is friendly and courteous, patient, and persistent in figuring out what needs correcting or explaining and taking care of it. I highly recommend BMI."
    -Dolores W., Walla Walla, WA

    "Thanks for all your help. I know it's your job, however, you have all went above and beyond. You have helped my wife and I from the computer illiterate stage, to setting up a new pc, and learning to use and enjoy it. No question has been too big or too small for you. You are all great and I have recommended your service to family and friends. Thanks again "
    -Mike and Julie J., Pendleton, OR

    "I just would like to say that the staff at BMI is doing a smashing good job! Keep up the good work!"
    -Daryl N., Walla Walla, WA

    "I am so impressed with our salesperson, Mike. He was very helpful and answered all of my questions!"
    -Sarah B., Owatonna, MN

    "Thank you Matt, for helping me one more time. I appreciate all that all of you have done for me. Thank you,"
    -Sandra T., La Grande, OR

    "I contacted your support team on Saturday afternoon with a computer problem. My call was answered by Cheryl and she did a great job!!! She helped me through my problem in a very professional manner. She was truly concerned with the fact that I had a problem and did everything in her realm to assist me. She rocks!!!"
    -Sam S., Las Vegas, NV

    "I have to say that I love the personal touch you give to your business. I feel like part of a family, instead of feeling Lost in Cyberspace. Thank You for being human."
    -Lottie L,. Medford, OR

    "Thank you for the $5 deduction due to my referral for another customer. Thats a generous service you provide that I will be sure and share with friends and relatives.
    Julie T-W Corvallis, OR Your records are correct our connection problem appears to be resolved. Also, I wanted to take this opportunity to talk a little about Cheryl. Simply put, she went above and beyond to help us resolve our connection issue. She provided excellent service, and is, in my opinion, an exce
    llent representative of your company. We are definitely BMI and CHERYL FANS!" Thanks,
    -James T., Walla Walla, WA

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