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The On Ramp

The Blue Mountain Internet Customer Newsletter

 Issue # 67 May 2009 
  • Greetings from the Editor
  •  by Carol Hall
  • May is Special 
  • by Rochelle Helms
  • Introducing Twitter
  •  by Rochelle Helms
  • Wordfind 
  • by Staff
  • Travel
  •  by Rebecca Sheridan
  • Classic Cameras 
  • by Michelle Mook
  • Get into the Season
  •  by Rochelle Helms
  • Always Be Careful 
  • by Mike Rochelle
  • Crossword
  •  by Staff
  • Satellite TV! 
  • by KJ Newby
  • Ouch!
  •  by Tony Abrego
  • PictureFind 
  • by Staff
  • Stenciling Anyone?
  •  by Gena Bybee
  • Kudos 
  • by Matt Stephens
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    Greetings from the Editor
    by Carol Hall

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    Greetings to all of you! I hope you enjoy this edition "The On Ramp"!  I have included a variety of articles that are not only interesting, but informative as well.

    As a reader of "The On Ramp", and obviously an avid Internet user...I bet you have some great tips, information or stories to share with other readers!  I would love to publish please send your articles to me at

    Introducing Twitter
    by Rochelle Helms

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    I'm sure by now you have heard of Twitter. The micro-blogging site has been highlighted on Oprah, Larry King, CNN and many other places. I plan on i... - CONTINUED

    by Rebecca Sheridan

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    The economy has without a doubt made it more difficult to allow all those vacation plans come true. However there are still ways to "get your travel on" without breaking the budget.

    Check out these links, you may be surprised!


    Get into the Season
    by Rochelle Helms

    full story  | top

    URLs In This is my favorite season, when everything is new again. I wanted to find some things to do with the kids with a Spring theme. I found a bunch of short stories to read to (or with) your little people: Apples for the Teacher<... - CONTINUED

    by Staff

    full story  | top

    Congratulations to Gail B. of Otis, OR for winning the drawing for the April 2009 Crossword! She received a $25.00 credit on her BMI account!
    Visit the May 2009 crossword now.

    by Tony Abrego

    full story  | top

    Sports are popular with kids in today's world and we eagerly enroll our kids in soccer, baseball, football, basketball and more. As competition becomes intense however, sometimes injuries result.   Hamstring injuries are among the most common. Here are some sites I have found online that help to understand how the h... - CONTINUED

    Stenciling Anyone?
    by Gena Bybee

    full story  | top

    Here is a guide to stenciling on the Internet. Stencils and supplies, how to stencil and how to make your own stencils, custom made stencils and more. Fun!

    Craft Site Directory

    May is Special
    by Rochelle Helms

    full story  | top

    Two things I remember from grade school and the month of May...first was May Day. See this link for facts about May Day. May Day

    Second I remember making tissue-paper flowers for my mom. Here's some fun craft projects for May Day with the kids (or by yourself... - CONTINUED

    by Staff

    full story  | top

    Congratulations to Sue R of Hermiston, OR for winning the drawing for the April 2009 Wordfind! Sue received a $25.00 credit on her BMI account!
    Visit our May 2009 wordfind.

    Classic Cameras
    by Michelle Mook

    full story  | top

    Several years ago, I bought an old Polaroid Land camera at a flea market in Missouri. I knew literally nothing about the camera when I bought it, not even if I could still get film or batteries for it.

    Luckily, when I got home and onto the Internet, I found The ... - CONTINUED

    Always Be Careful
    by Mike Rochelle

    full story  | top

    Today web threats are as prevalent as ever. If you look at your spam, you will find attempts to gain your identity, steal your bank account info, or just make you life rotten by increasing your suspicions on every email you get.

    Here at BMI, we keep up on threats that can harm you and your computer.  If y... - CONTINUED

    Satellite TV!
    by KJ Newby

    full story  | top

    We are proud to announce that BMI is now offering Satellite TV to new and existing customers! We have great packages to fit any budget including:
         -HD channels
         -Movies on demand
         -Your favorite local channels

    There are also free interact... - CONTINUED

    by Staff

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    Congratulations to Sharon V of Kooskia, ID for winning the drawing for the April 2009 Picturefind! Sharon received a $25.00 credit on her BMI account!
    Visit our May 2009 picturefind.

    by Matt Stephens

    full story  | top

    "Thanks Michelle for all your help. I think the problem has finally been resolved with loading Norman. You've been so patient with me and I really appreciate it. Thanks so much,"
    - Deanna B. Pendleton, OR

    "I just wanted to say thank you for your quick response. I must say that I have had the best custom... - CONTINUED

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