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 Issue # 13 November 2004 
New Anti-Virus Protection by Ruben
BMI has partnered with Computer Associates, a leader in corporate anti-virus software, to bring you a trustworthy and affordable desktop Anti-Virus software solution. The new EZ Trust line of software is tailored to the consumer or business and provides you with the best line of defense against viruses that you may encounter while surfing the Internet, downloading files, or simply being connected. Our special pricing allows us to provide to this to you for just $20.00 per year or $2.00 per month. This includes the EZ Trust software and all software updates as well as continual updates of virus definitions. Please visit the BMI anti-virus site at for more details.
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Election Coverage by Ruben
As we all know this is a very big month for US Elections. For continuous coverage you can check out
CNN 2004 Election Coverage
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New Browser In Town by Ruben
Using the Internet since 1995 has allowed me the test many Internet Web Browsers. I began using Netscape 1.0 back in 1995 and up until 2 weeks ago I was a devoted Internet Explorer fan. But now I must say that I prefer the Firefox browser from Mozilla. It is the fastest and best browser available today. With built in pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, and more. You can check this out for yourself at It is free.
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Free AV Protection by Ruben
After reading our latest two surveys we found that you are very concerned with Desktop virus protection and many of you currently do not have protection or it is out of date. We researched this issue and found a number of completely free virus programs that you can use for personal use for free. Some drawbacks to most of the free AV software was that most were not as friendly and easy to use as there commercial pay versions and typically you are required to manually update or risk your virus definitions being out of date. You can find several of these free ones as well as a link to the BMI commercial protection at
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