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 Issue # 16 February 2005 
Letter from the Editor  by Matt Stephens Free Community Classifie ...  by Ruben Bybee
February Customer Survey  by Ruben Bybee Find Pictures Easily  by Ruben Bybee
Partner of the Month  by Jon Alexander KJ's Virus Corner  by KJ Newby
Tech Tips  by Tony Abrego What is Line Noise?  by Nathon Oneel
Kudos from our customers  by Matt Stephens Things Not to Say on you ...  by Katrina Moran
Questions Kids Ask  by Katrina Moran
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Letter from the Editor
by Matt Stephens

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Welcome to this month's edition of The On Ramp. Our search for the perfect combination of entertainment and information brings us to this collection of interesting articles as well as jokes from our great customers!

A couple of short reminders and then I'll let you get on to reading. First, I would like to remind everyone that Blue Mountain Internet has THREE different ways you can contact us now. The first is the old fashioned way - by phone at 509-522-5006 or 800-485-5006. Secondly, you can email our Techs at And the third way to contact us is to use BMI's new and exciting Live Chat. Why is this so great? Well, one advantage is that you don't have to shut down your computer while using your phone to call us. And the second advantage? IT'S LIVE. That's right. Instant communication with a BMI Tech - just like the instant messaging that you hear all the kids using these days. Try it out. It's available from 7am-10pm(PST) Monday-Friday, and 9am-6pm(PST) Saturday and Sunday. Simply log onto our website at and click the "Talk to BMI" window. And remember, our Tech support is FREE all the time, unlike some other internet providers we know about.

Don't forget to tell your friends about us! Every person you refer and who signs up for service results is a $5.00 credit to your account. When they sign up for service we ask them if they were referred by anyone. They tell us that YOU referred them, then we give you back $5.00 which is posted to your account. We couldn't make it easier for you to receive free internet! Refer more than 5 people per month and we could end up owing you money!
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Free Community Classifieds
by Ruben Bybee

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Did you know that BMI has a FREE Internet site where you can place a classified advertisement for items you want to sell? You can also search for items you want to buy or just browse the ads to see if anything looks interesting. Please be patient with us as this site is a work in progress. We have recently updated the technology and made many improvements. To search for an item first enter your zip code. Then select the distance (miles) from your zip code that you want the search to cover. To place a classified ad, click on the link "to place your classified ad now" and complete the required information. Your email address is NEVER published. BMI emails you all the responses to your ad so your privacy is protected. The classified web site receives about 3,000 visitors each day. Find the FREE classifieds tools at Our goal is to make this site a real work horse for our customers but we need your help. Please send us your suggestions for improvements. Tell your friends also. More visitors means more opportunities for you to sell your items or shop for new treasures.
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February Customer Survey
by Ruben Bybee

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In this month's survey we are trying to better understand how familiar you are with various Internet words as well as trying to learn more about your Internet use. We plan to use this information internally to better tailor our services to your needs and skills. Click here to take our Survey
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Find Pictures Easily
by Ruben Bybee

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A new, free software download from Google allows you to instantly find, edit, and share all the pictures on your PC. Every time you open Picasa, it automatically locates all your pictures (even ones you forgot you had) and sorts them into visual albums organized by date with folder names you know. I have been using this software and find it is amazing! And, it works even better than I expected with easy to use features such as screen saver maker, red eye removal, collaging, email sending, etc. Get the full low-down at or download it right now from BMI.
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Partner of the Month
by Jon Alexander

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Blue Mountain Internet's Partner of the Month for February 2005 is: Coast Computers and West Coast Media. The company is a merger between the two names. Brett Feingold, founded Coast Computers in 1995 and offers services from new computer sales to network consulting.
Other services include:
  • Computer repair
  • Recording Studio
  • Internet sales -
  • Printing and Graphics
  • Network consulting and troubleshooting
  • Web Design
  • Software sales
  • Photography

    Brett holds a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of North Carolina and a Masters of Business Administration from Western Carolina University. He also keeps his Microsoft certifications up to date which means he has all the latest knowledge to better serve his customers. Soon after he and his wife were married, they decided to establish their business in Florence, Oregon. "Florence is a growing town with many opportunities," Brett said. He also devotes personal time to the community by chairing the local Rhododendron festival.

    One of the current goals of their business is to raise everyone's awareness about the variety of their media services available in the Florence, Oregon area. In January, Coast Computers and West Coast Media became a NBC affiliate. They are also producing a new, one hour TV show that covers the Florence Police Department. It's titled "Code 3 On Duty". "The police department handles more than just small things," Brett said. "We wanted to let people know what the hazards of being a police officer are."

    Remember, if there is an outstanding business in your area that you would like to recommend to us, please forward that information to
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    KJ's Virus Corner
    by KJ Newby

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    Hello, this is KJ and this month I'm bringing you some of the most common Worms that are being passed around the Internet. Here is a short definition of "Worms" followed by a handful of links that will provide you with Worm description and removal information. Many worms use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express to propagate. These types of e-mail "Worms" have an attached file that has to be clicked open to be installed. These types of worms typically have a file with a double extension, such as (NAME.BMP.EXE or NAME.TXT.VBS). These extensions are Windows executable files that install a program on your computer. These programs can be Remote control programs, Spyware, Keyloggers or any software used maliciously. Additional extensions are VBS, SHS, BAT, EXE, CMD and PIF.
    You can click on any of the links below to get in-depth description and removal information.
    W32/Netsky-P W32/Zafi-B W32/Sasser W32/Netsky-B W32/Netsky-P W32/Zafi-B W32/Sasser W32/Netsky-B W32/Netsky-D W32/Netsky-Z W32/MyDoom-A W32/Sober-I W32/Netsky-C W32/Bagle-AA
    If you are not currently running an Anti-Virus program, BMI can provide you with complete Anti-Virus software for as little as $2.00 a month. Just give us a call at 1-800-485-5006. Hope you all have a great 2005!
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    Tech Tips
    by Tony Abrego

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    Hello all. Here is the tech question of the month:
    How do I get to my spam filter?

    Spam filters forward the spam emails to the quarantine section, hence preventing the spam from entering your inbox. The benefit of using your spam filters is that you get only the email that you want and quarantine the ones that you don't want. BMI's Postini spam filter scans all your incoming mail and filters the bad emails. We quarantine 40 percent of all incoming mail daily and forward 60 percent to the inbox.

    To get to your spam filters you go to and click on the "Quarantine" link at the top of the page. You can log in to your quarantine section with your email address and password

    Once you're in the quarantine section you can see your quarantined messages. At this point you can put a checkmark next to any of the email that you want to receive in your inbox, then click the "deliver" button. To avoid viruses and other problems, only choose to receive emails from people you know and emails that contain text that you trust. To delete the emails that do not look trustworthy, put a checkmark on the box next to the email and click the "remove" button.
    Now click on the "junk email settings" link. This will bring you to the spam filters. From this page you can adjust the level of filtering that you desire. Lenient means that you allow some spam to enter, aggressive will block more of the spam from entering. On this same page there is an approved sender's list and a blocked sender's list. If you ever get emails in quarantine that you would like to be sent directly to your inbox, just add their email address to the approved sender's list. If you ever get spam in your inbox that you would like to have directed to your quarantine, put their email address in the blocked sender's list. Sometimes if you set your filters too high, you might find some of the good emails in the quarantine center.
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    What is Line Noise?
    by Nathon Oneel

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    Q: What is line noise?
    A: Well, line noise is static or noise interference on your phone line. Line noise may be induced by poor connections, interference or cross-talk from other circuits and electrical storms. You can have the slickest system with the fastest modem in the best part of town, and still be struck down to 33.3 Kbps or slower.

    Here's why: an estimated 80 percent of all line noise problems have their origin in the home or office where the modem is located. There are a few ways you can test for this problem. Take the phone line out of the computer and plug it into a phone set, pick up the receiver and dial the number 1 (which kills the dial tone). Do you hear any line noise (hissing, popping, static, etc.)? If yes, you know you've got a line noise problem and need to contact your phone company. Another way to test for line noise is to run a "hyper terminal" test while dialing out on your computer.

    Hyper Terminal is communication software that allows you to test for line noise and other connection problems. This software is included in all versions of Microsoft Windows. Here's how to do it
  • Go to Start
  • Program
  • Accessories
  • Communications
  • Hyper terminal
  • Name the connection "Test" and click OK
  • Enter the phone number for your ISP connection
  • Click Dial
    After the handshaking is done, you should see on the screen the word: "Login", though this varies from ISP to ISP. Wait about 60 seconds then disconnect by using the pull down menu under "Call", then select "Disconnect". After you are disconnected, type ati6, (that command is for a U.S. Robotics 56K FAX ) press ENTER, and the results will appear. (For your command to get the results display, go to the link below.) Results will vary from modem to modem and what you should be looking for as a problem. At the bottom I have included a link where you can find out what results you should be looking for.
    Click Here for Helpful Info
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    Kudos from our customers
    by Matt Stephens

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    As stated in last month's issue, we are now including comments from our customers. A few of the wonderful praises I get from you each month will be added to The On Ramp. And, should you feel a suggestion or two is more fitting, please feel free to send that as well. All letters can be sent to We look forward to hearing from you.

  • "Thank you for your help in downloading the EZ Antivirus. We have downloaded, installed, and run it. Hopefully this will take care of the problem. Dan and Victor were very helpful. Thanks again."  - unknown BMI customer
  • "I had email issues that needed addressing today regarding my wife's webmail account. I called BMI tech support and got Dan. He was very ORGANIZED, SHOWED GENUINE INTEREST AND CARE, KNOWLEDGEABLE, EFFICIENT AND CREATIVE in resolving our issues. I just wanted to write to let you know it's worth catching people doing things right! If Dan were one of my employees, and I knew this kind of behavior were happening with my customers, I'd be sure to reward, if not just verbally, but tangibly. Thanks for being there for us over the years." - unknown customer
  • "Hello. Katrina fixed everything and when ever I have an issue I will go directly to her. She did everything to make sure my problem was fixed. I am a new subscriber and had problems the first day, but Katrina took the time to help me and fix the problem. Please note her for employee of the month. Thank you." - unknown customer
  • "Just a note to say how much we appreciate your service and friendly 'helper' techs. We occasionally have had problems and you folks resolve them immediately and cheerfully. We will continue to recommend your service to anyone who will listen! Thanks!" - unknown customer

    A big thank you to all of our customers for your wonderful words of encouragement.
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    Things Not to Say on your Valentine's Date
    by Katrina Moran

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  • I really don't like this restaurant that much, but I wanted to use this 2-for-1 coupon before it expired
  • People say I remind them of Steve Urkel
  • I used to come here all the time with my ex
  • I never said you NEED a nose job. I just said it wouldn't hurt to consider it
  • Could you excuse me? My cat gets lonely if he doesn't hear my voice on the answering machine every hour
  • I like clay. It's mushy
  • I really feel that I've grown in the past few years, Used to be I wouldn't have given someone like you a second look
  • And I won that trophy in the inter-fraternity belching contest
  • I know you said you don't eat anything with a face. But a good butcher will cut that part off for you if you ask
  • It's been tough, but I've come to accept that most people I date just won't be as smart as I am
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    Questions Kids Ask
    by Katrina Moran

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  • Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?
  • What WAS the best thing before sliced bread?
  • What would chairs look like if our knees bent the other way?
  • If you choke a smurf, what color does it turn?
  • If you cross a four leaf clover with poison ivy, would you get a rash of good luck?
  • If all the world's a stage, and all the people players, why isn't there better acting on 'Baywatch'?
  • If a no-armed man has a gun, is he armed?
  • If you got into a taxi and the driver starts driving backwards, does she/he owe you money?
  • If con is the opposite of pro, then is Congress the opposite of progress?
  • If you throw a cat out a car window, does it become kitty litter?
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