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 Issue # 24 October 2005 
Greetings from the Editor  by Carol Hall BMI Bucks  by Tony Abrego
Atrica Server Unveiled  by Ruben Bybee News! News! News!  by Matt Stephens
VOIP What?  by Mike Rochelle What is Broadband?  by Victor Luna
Knowing KJ  by Carol Hall Your Message Center  by Nathan O'Neel
Funny T-shirts!  by Victor Luna We are here for YOU  by Jose Acosta
Fantasy Football  by Bob Harris Paying bills Online  by Colin Miller
Pet on the Net  by Gena Bybee The Winners Circle  by Carol Hall
POM - Watersong Computers  by Jon Alexander Kudos!  by M. Stephens & You
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Greetings from the Editor
by Carol Hall

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Greetings to all, and I sincerely hope you enjoy this "POTPOURRI" Edition of The On Ramp! I have included articles covering a wide range of topics from "PETS to FOOTBALL" It truly amazes me how the internet has become, at least a small part, of almost everything!
"Is there a subject you would like discussed in upcoming editions of The On Ramp? Something you have wondered about, but don't quite understand? Or maybe you have stumbled across a really "great find on the internet, and want to share that with others?"

If so, please send me your emails! I would love to include some articles from our readers!
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BMI Bucks
by Tony Abrego

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As a Valued BMI Customer" you are important to BMI. We owe our success to you, and we would like to share that success with you. We have many free offerings for you at BMI Rewards These include useful and money saving items like adware/spyware protection, a Pop Up Ad Blocker, free personal firewall, and much more.

One of our most popular "rewards" is our BMI Bucks Referral Program. Each time your refer a friend or family member, and they tell us that you referred them, you earn a $5.00 credit.

All they need to do when they sign up is mention your name and your BMI email address (if they know it), and we credit your personal BMI account $5.00. If they don't know your email address, not to worry, we can find your account by your name!

There is no limit on the amount of money you can accumulate in your account by referring new customers to us. As your referrals grow, your money continues to be kept as a credit in your personal BMI account. You can use this money to pay towards your monthly service. If your account reaches a credit of $50.00 dollars or greater, you can cash in your chips and request a check from us for the credited amount.

The next time you refer someone to us because you love the great service you receive from BMI, and you want your friend or family member to have the same great service, be sure to tell them to mention your name and your email address. Then we will reward your account with the $5.00 credit. It is just "that simple". We have learned in the past 10+ years of business that YOU, are by far, the greatest source of advertising we could ever invest in!
Thank you!
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Atrica Server Unveiled
by Ruben Bybee

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BMI is proud to announce Atrica Server, a revolutionary new Internet/Intranet Server for your business. The Atrica Server is a combination of high performance hardware and software that has been fine tuned to operate optimally together and provide you rock solid reliability and scalability.

We based the Atrica Server on the secure Novell SUSE Enterprise Linux 9 (see SUSE Web Site ) operating system (OS). On top of the OS, we included security features (firewall, virus, spam, and phishing protection) plus a wide array of licensed application servers and clients. Our application packages include PC Protection Software, Network Web Acceleration, Instant Messaging, Email, & Calendaring to name just a few of many features (see all Atrica Server Features)

Atrica Servers are built from the ground up at our Pacific Northwest facility. Each Atrica Server is preconfigured for you and tested before shipping so it will seamlessly plug into your existing network. Don't have a network? We can help you create one.

For more information on the BMI Atrica Server and how it will benefit your business, please call us at 800-485-5006, visit our Atrica Server Web Site, or email us at
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News! News! News!
by Matt Stephens

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Having a subscription to your local newspaper is a great way to keep up on your local news, as well as getting "the short version" of national and world news.
What if you want more than that? What if you want to know about all of the devastation of the flooding in Louisiana? Or the coastal damage from Hurricane Ophelia? Or keeping up on news around the world, such as terrorism or the progress in the government and development of the Iraqi nation, and the list goes on...
If you subscribed to all of the newspapers that kept you up to date on everything, you wouldn't be able to afford to eat. You'd have so much to read, you wouldn't have time to sleep. Not to mention the recycling nightmare!

Once again, this is where the internet comes to the rescue. On the BMI Homepage you can find breaking news stories for things that are happening around the world. A mere click of the mouse, and you can read and be informed. If that's not what you're looking for, however, I can simplify it even more. Also on the BMI home page, there is a Google search window:
"Let's say you want to find information on news in your local area. Type the name of your local newspaper in the "Google search" field and (in most cases) you will get an abbreviated, text version of your newspaper. Some of the larger newspapers even have graphics included. You can also search the classifieds for your local area.
Other great sources for breaking news are the websites for your local and national news channels, such as CNN, FOX and The Weather Channel

In the case of the national news channels, you can sign up to receive free breaking news emails that will inform you when "late breaking" news is happening. In the case of The Weather Channel, you can have your local weather forecast emailed to you daily.

In short, the world is at your finger tips! News is just a click away!
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VOIP What?
by Mike Rochelle

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You keep hearing "that" word...VOIP. And you think..."It is a strange term, but you wonder "Is this something I should know about?!?" You don't want to be out of the loop, but it IS a strange word. Not to worry, let me explain:

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that allows you to make telephone calls using a broadband (DSL, Wireless or Cable) Internet connection. (see "What is Broadband" in this month's Newsletter)

VoIP phones can be regular phones with an Internet ready adapter attached to them or they can be phones that already have that included (VOIP phone). An extremely low cost VoIP solution is to use a microphone and speakers attached to your computer to talk to others.

The way VoIP works... is that you connect your internet-ready phone to a broadband connection. The phone configures itself by first learning information about your network... like how to get to the internet. After it learns how, it then locates its special computer on the web that knows it is your phone wanting to be authorized to make and receive calls. Once authorized, it performs like a standard phone. This may sound like a lot of steps, but it all happens very quickly.

  • Very affordable Long Distance
  • You can plug your VOIP phone into any broadband connection to make and receive calls. "It travels with you".


  • Very important - you may not be able to call 911 depending on your service.
  • It is presently recommended that you still retain a landline, as VOIP is not 100% reliable yet.

Non technical info can be found at: FCC VOIP

A more technical article on the "How To's of VOIP" can be found at: How to of VOIP
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What is Broadband?
by Victor Luna

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"What is Broadband?

The term "broadband" is the word that lumps together just about any connection to the internet that is faster than a phone line (I.e. DSL, Cable, Satellite, wireless, etc). If smoke signals traveled faster than a phone line, they would be considered "broadband". In addition, most "broadband" connections are "always-on', meaning you do not have to initiate a connection, and disconnection from the internet, you are "always connected" while your computer is turned on.

Large businesses use circuits that are typically "super fast and extremely reliable". Now with modern technology, you can get the the same speeds as large businesses, at an affordable price. So get on the "broadband wagon" and call us for some great deals on your very own "need for speed". Broadband!
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Knowing KJ
by Carol Hall

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KJ has been with BMI for over 5 years and serves as one of our Customer Service Representatives He is one of the friendly and helpful voices you receive when you call on the weekends! In addition to his job at BMI, KJ is also one of BMI's valued partners. He owns and operates KJN Enterprises in which he specializes in personal, in-home computer repair and training. We are honored to have him on our team!

Editor: Where were you born, and where did you grow up?
KJ:: I was born in Spokane and I grew up in Walla Walla.

Editor: What was your FIRST paying job?
KJy: I worked at Pioneer Carwash when I was 15 years old

Editor: What was the "worst" or "most difficult" job you have ever done?
KJ: When I worked as a chrome-plater.

Editor: What "historical event" has had the biggest impact on you?
KJ: When Mount St. Helens blew her top in the 1980's.

Editor: If you could play any musical instrument, what would it be?
KJ: I already play the guitar and the piano, so I would choose the saxophone

Editor: If you could write a book about anything at all...what would the title be?
KJ: "It would be titled "Going Low" about my passion for golf."

Editor: Who is your favorite fictional character and why?
kj: (thinking...thinking) "Renn" from Renn and Stimpy, because he is one incredible Chihuahua

Editor: What was your very first car?
KJ: It was a 1973 green Plymouth Duster. In fact, I still own it and it still runs. I have even raced it!
Editor: Where is the one place you have never been, that you would like to visit?
KJ: Austrailia

Editor: If you could only eat one food, for the rest of your life, what would it be?
KJ: Chicken Fajitas!

Editor: Close your eyes and imagine you are in a place called "Perfect" Where are you?
KJ: I am on the golf course.
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Your Message Center
by Nathan O'Neel

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Your Message Center - A fine and handy place. Even a novice user can "set, adjust, manage and change" email filters!

"What are email filters?"
Email filters are tools that enable you to "strain" out unwanted emails (advertisements, great offers, junk mails, sexually explicit email, etc.), and still receive the emails you want from friends, family, co-workers and others. Your Message Center blocks virtually ALL VIRUS INFECTED emails. This Message Center is included with your BMI email address, at no additional charge to you.

Perhaps you did not know it was there, or maybe you don't know how to use it? If you have an email address, you already have your own personal Message Center To view it, type in your BMI email address, password, and click on "Login". You can also access your message center at any time, by clicking on the "quarantine" link at the top left side of the BMI Homepage

From your Messge Center you can:
  • List approved senders (people from whom you always want email)
  • Block senders (people from whom you NEVER want email)
  • Increase or decrease the intensity of a filter by category. These default to a lenient setting when your account is set up, so you may want to bump them up.
  • View emails that were filtered out. You can click on them to read, have them delievered to your inbox, or just let them stay there. They are deleted after 10 days with no action on your part.
  • See any messages that are quarantined. You cannot open these, as they contain a virus and have been securely quarantined.
  • Turn-off all filtering if you do not wish to have this service

On the first page, you will see all of the emails that we filtered out BEFORE they filled your Inbox. You can also see the "quarantined" virus infected messges. To adjust your email filters on what gets blocked and what doesn't, just click on "junk email settings" at the top of the page. From there you can adjust your filters higher or lower, by category, or block and approve senders. Adding email addresses to the "approved senders" list will allow them to always get through the filter unless the message is infected with a virus...we will always block viruses regardless of who they are from. Once you have adjusted your setttings, save them by clicking on "save settings".

This is just one of the many ways BMI is here to serve you. We hope you find this service of value and easy to use. If you have any questions, or need assistance, please do not hesitate to give us a call...we love to hear from you!
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Funny T-shirts!
by Victor Luna

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Funny things printed on T-shirts:

  • Due to budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.
  • I can only please one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow is not looking good either.
  • I haven't lost my mind. It's backed up on a disk somewhere.
  • Some days you are the pigeon. Some days you are the statue.
  • Cleverly Disguised As A Responsible Adult
  • The money is always greener in the other guy's wallet.
  • If We Quit Voting, Will They All Go Away?
  • Chaos. Panic. Disorder. My work is done here.
  • My reality check bounced.
  • On the keyboard of life, always keep one finger on the escape key.
  • I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it.
  • If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.
  • Think nobody knows you're alive? Try missing a payment.
  • A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.
  • If it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would get done.
  • If I save time, when do I get it back?
  • Sometimes I wake up grumpy. Other times I let him sleep..
  • Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.
  • I'll try being nicer if you will try being smarter.
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We are here for YOU
by Jose Acosta

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"Have you ever experienced fear when you purchased a product or service and wondered whether there would be someone to answer your questions later about the product or service - what if it doesn't work, how to use it, or how much would it cost to repair? Maybe some of these questions pertain to your computer and the internet.

Rest assured, because at Blue Mountain Internet we offer our customers dedicated, quality support services, 7 days a week! We also offer exceptional internet connectivity at very competitive rates. We care very much about you, our customer, and assure you that your questions on how to use the internet and email will be answered, that your experience is pleasant, and that you are satisfied. The following list is an example of how we make this possible:

  • Qualified Technical Staff:
    Our staff undergoes intensive training. I know, because I recently completed the training program after I was hired. We have over 70 cumulative years of computer and internet experience among us. You will reach a technician quickly when you call or initiate a livechat. We have a wide range of resources available to research and provide solutions for almost any issue you experience.
  • Extended Support Hours:
    We have superbly trained technical staff who are available for support from 7am - 8pm (PST) Monday through Friday, and 9am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday.
  • Wide Range of Questions Supported:
    As previously mentioned, our technical staff have many resources at their disposal to research and answer your questions on everything from our internet service offers, your account, billing, payments, and much more. Even if your question is out of our scope of direct support, we can still direct you to where to get the help you need. For example, if we cannot fix your printer, we can give you contact information for your printer manufacturer. We really go the extra mile to provide solutions to your difficulties.
  • FREE Support Options
    We offer a variety of contact options. You can contact us by phone (509) 522-5006 or toll-free at 800-485-5006. By email at Or go to our website at BMI homepage and click on Live Chat to initiate a real time, instant message session with one of our support technicians.

Why choose Blue Mountain Internet? Because we personally care about your satisfaction. We are here to ensure your internet and email experience is enjoyable and that you recieve maximum benefit from BMI and the internet. We are here for YOU!
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Fantasy Football
by Bob Harris

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Fantasy Football Is Gaining Notoriety And Respect

As somebody who first got into the Fantasy Football industry back in 1993 - and cranked up my first Fantasy web site (on, of course!) in 1995, I can tell you that the last two years have been unique in that the entire world seemed to catch on to our little hobby.

And nobody has jumped on board with more vigor than the NFL itself. If all the commercials and web promotions featuring top players aren't enough to convince you, I offer even more definitive evidence:

The 2004 season:
Last year, a record 732 touchdown passes were thrown, with Peyton Manning's remarkable campaign leading the way. Manning, of course, broke Dan Marino's NFL record for most touchdown passes in a season (49), set the NFL record for most touchdown passes in a month (19 in November), had one six-touchdown game, three five-TD games, two fours, three threes, and five twos.

But this was not a one-man show. Overall scoring was up for the 11th consecutive season and averaged more than 40.0 points per game (43.0). Twenty-four players scored at least 10 touchdowns, tying 1985 and 1995 for the most in history.

You want more?

There were 788 points scored in Week 13, tying Week 1 of 2002 for the most ever in a weekend.

Better yet, league officials are convinced last year's rising offensive totals were anything but offensive and they intend to keep pushing in a Fantasy-friendly direction this year.

I couldn't agree more with the league's approach - on and off the field.

I'm not going to tell you that ensuring happiness for Fantasy owners is a driving force behind all of this, but I can tell you what Priest Holmes told me back in May:
"I think the NFL has to have a respect for it," the star running back said of our hobby. "I think that you can't overlook what's going on in the Fantasy world because it promotes the Sunday games and promotes the players."

Again, I couldn't agree more.

NOTE: Bob Harris is co-founder of the Football Diehards web site and senior editor at FSP Inc., publisher of Fantasy Football Pro Forecast, DraftBook, CheatSheets and Football Diehards magazines. ... Harris is a member in good standing of and was voted 2005 Fantasy Football Writer of the Year by the Fantasy Sports Writers Association FSWA
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Paying bills Online
by Colin Miller

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Online bill paying is a great feature that has appeared with the increasing popularity of the internet.

There are three varieties of online bill pay services available.
  1. You can choose to setup online bill pay with each and every payee you have at their website
  2. You can signup for an "all in one" type service where all bills are processed through a single third party company.
  3. You may also choose your bank to process the monthly transactions. Check with your bank for availability.

Many "all in one" online bill pay services charge a monthly fee, and also a fee for every transaction. They range from $4.95 per month and $.30 cents per transaction to $12.95 per month, with 30 free transactions and then $.50 per transaction thereafter.

Most larger companies such as Visa, American Express, and Citibank offer online bill pay, but this would not be an "all in one" type of situation. You would have to setup each company for the transaction. Obviously, there are cost concerns. One can choose no monthly fee and multiple setups, or a monthly charge and one setup.

Some examples of an "all in one" type service are:

Pay Trust
Yahoo Finance
Lower My Bills

You can also visit your credit card company, bank or credit union's website to learn if they offer online bill pay.

If you're weary of filling out checks and stamping envelopes, this may be the option for you!
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Pet on the Net
by Gena Bybee

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Pet on the Net

There are many web sites for pets! Being a pet owner myself, these sites are of great interest to me! You can find information on:
  • Adopting pets
  • Purchasing pet supplies
  • Finding vets
  • Trouble shooting behavior problems. Our dog chews on everything. I found the solution in an article from the pet library.

"Now, what to feed a Chihuahua? I have two..." - How to care for a chihuahua :
Feed your Chihuahua dog food in which the first ingredient is meat. ... Feed your Chihuahua 3-6 small meals a day. There was much more information regarding the care of my chihuahuas!

Here are a few great and informative pet sites:

Simply pets Pet Food Recipes including food and treat recipes for dogs, cats, birds, fish and more.
PetSmart There are pet supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, small pets, and even horses and riders!
PetCo: Pet sales, pet products - they even have Halloween Costumes on their home page!
Healthy Pet Welcome to! You can search the American Animal Hospital Association listings to find a vet or find some "self help" in the pet library that is included. It also has articles for dogs, cats, hamsters, iguanas, birds or rabbits.
Pets 911 PETS 911 features pet adoptions through local animal shelters. You can search for lost and found pets, adopt a pet through their online pet adoption service, and search for a vet or animal shelter.
Ask A Vet Pet Health Questions, Veterinary Advice and an Online Vet ... A Veterinarian answers your pet questions! This site also has a newsletter and a "Pet of the Month." They will answer your question within a 24 hour period for one small charge of $9.95.
Dr Larry Pet Vet Online Veterinarian - Dr. Larry Pet Vet answers questions about your pets, gives veterinary medicine advice, pet product reviews, etc. Ask Dr. Larry one question for $5.95

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The Winners Circle
by Carol Hall

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Congratulations to our September 2005 Puzzle winners!!

Laura S of Touchet, WA for the Wordfind and David B of Enterprise, OR for the Crossword

The lucky winners each receive 3 FREE months of service from BMI

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POM - Watersong Computers
by Jon Alexander

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Blue Mountain Internet's "Partner of the Month" for October 2005 is Sheryn Olson of Watersong Computers in Steamboat Springs, Colorado!

Watersong specializes in:
  • Small business network consultation and administration
  • Troubleshooting "stand-alone" computers and networked systems
  • Software installations, upgrades, and desktop optimization
  • Extensive PC re-conditioning, repair and optimization experience, using creative solutions since 1983
  • User needs analysis and cost-effective implementation
  • System integration, optimization and maintenance
  • Backup administrative support for your IS (Information Systems) Department
"You don't have an IS Department?" Outsource your computer system administration to Watersong.

Watersong Computer Services is a privately held company that has provided computer systems support to Northwestern Colorado in Routt, Moffat, Jackson and Grand Counties since 1993. Previously, the entrepreneur and company owner, Sheryn Olson, provided computer support services in Fort Collins and Steamboat Springs, Colorado since 1983, and in Maryland from 1980-1983.

Watersong Computer Services has extensive experience providing Information Technology support for over 25 years in the following sectors: retail, wholesale, construction, property management, banking, service businesses (such as accounting, legal, architectural, veterinary and medical), as well in non-profit, academic, scientific and government organizations.

Their clients range from lone eagles and artists with 1 computer, to 50 workstation small businesses. Integration of diverse and "evolved" systems is a specialty. From extensive experience in operating business environments, Watersong understands that minimizing downtime, and maximizing end user productivity at a reasonable cost is the primary goal of every business owner or manager.

Maintenance contracts and third party engineer services are available in many flexible arrangements. Windows 95, 98, XP, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2000 - 2003 Server, Novell, Linux, System Design, support, integration and small business networks are all supported with an understanding of how Information Technology can optimally support your business.

Troubleshooting and solving difficult problems is their job and they can solve your "information technology system problems" creatively and efficiently.
Watersong can be visited at Watersong Computers or by calling 970-879-2745.
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by M. Stephens & You

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Just wanted to thank everyone at bmi for all of your support and patience - we got our very first computer in March and talk about being clueless - we brought our Dell notebook down and Matt was so helpful in getting our Email straightened out so we could use it - yesterday Nathan installed your antivirus program and got us set up with a new password, and last night Jon talked me through a problem over the phone - your whole office staff is very friendly and eager to help - my husband and I feel very lucky to have access to your service. Thanks again for everything. very sincerely,
- Ron and Suzanne S. Walla Walla WA

This one came in by phone from one of our customers:
He said that Jon did a great job in helping him with his issue. In a rather animated tone, he also added that if he had received poor service he would have complained, so he felt he owed it to us to let me know what a terrific job Jon did as well. Jon did a great job and "made me feel almost half competent". Thank you Jerry for calling and letting me know how great Jon did.
Contributed by Jerry C. of Florence OR

Wanted to let you know I started your service a few days ago, and I am very pleased. Your sales people were great, and online is as fast as Charter, again, I'm very pleased!
Jim O. Milton-Freewater, OR

KJ, you did such a great job helping me get my email account back on track. Some way some "buttons" got pushed that should not have been switched so I could not connect at all. You had me correct everything making it sound so simple. Thank a bunch!
Claudea M, Baker City OR
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