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 Issue # 32 June 2006 
Greetings From The Editor  by Carol Hall Phishing  by Matt Stephens
ACAC Conference  by Ruben Bybee Nature Cams  by Victor Luna
Circus Word Find  by Gena Bybee Virus Report  by KJ Newby
Driving Directions  by Colin Miller HA HA HA  by Tony Abrego
State Parks  by Jose Acosta Picture Find  by BMI Staff
Fishing Crossword  by Tami Rochelle Palouse Falls  by Jon Alexander
LinuxFest  by Ruben Bybee Kudos  by matt Stephens
Referral Winners  by BMI Staff POM - Best Little Comput ...  by Jon Alexander
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Greetings From The Editor
by Carol Hall

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Greetings to all of you! I hope you enjoy this edition of The On Ramp and I look forward to hearing from you. .We had hoped to be able to include our new Sudoku puzzle in this edition...however, it has been delayed by a month. After much testing, we were not satisfied with the quality and look of the Sudoku puzzle we were going to use. We have now began testing a new program...and intend to include it starting in July. This however, allows you more time to hone up on your Sudoku skills to play and be entered in our monthly contest!

I welcome your comments and additions to the newsletter! Please email me at
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by Matt Stephens

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We have all heard about email scams before. The threat of identity theft grows each day leaving us all in a blind fog wondering how to prevent it. People everyday close their online trading accounts, or online bill pay, or even their internet accounts thinking they are safe inside the little bubble of their own lives.

At Blue Mountain Internet, we know that it's a growing concern for you, and we have gone to great lengths to help combat the frequently changing approach to identity theft. But still, I think there is more we can do. We have warned in the past about it, and given brief examples of it, such as "watch out for the eBay emails" and such. Today, I will give you a very clear example of an attempt at identity theft known as "phishing". The following is an email that I received moments ago, and it is a clear attempt towards identity theft to me, but to some of you it may seem legitimate:

"We recently reviewed your account, and suspect that youre e-gold online account may have been accessed by an unauthorized third party. Protecting the security of your account and of the e-gold network is our primary concern. Therefore, as a preventative measure, we have temporarily limited access to sensitive account features.
To restore your account access , please take the following steps to ensure that your account has not been compromised:
1. Login to youre-gold online account. In case you are not enrolled yet for Internet account, you will have to use your Social Security Number as both your Personal ID and Password and fill in the required information, including your name and account number.
2. Review your recent account history for any unauthorized withdrawals or deposits, and check your account profile to make sure no changes have been made. If any unauthorized activity has taken place on your account, report to e-gold staff immediately.
To get started, please click the link below:


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your assistance in helping us maintain the integrity of the entire e-gold system. Thank your for your prompt attention to this matter.
The gold Online Team.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your assistance in helping us maintain the integrity of the entire e-gold online system. Thank your for your prompt attention to this matter. Please do not reply to this email. Mails sent to this address cannot be answered. For assistance, log in to your e-gold Onlineaccount and choose the "Help" link in the header of any page."

Now, to some of you I'm sure that looks like a legitimate letter. From a very concerned client trying to get you to update your information. However, have you really ever heard of these people? I hadn't. So I looked a little closer and here is what I found.

First of all, there are mis-spelled words in the first sentence. Never a good sign. Most legitimate companies have a spell checker, and if they don't, you should probably not be doing business with them.

The second red flag is that if I am doing business online, I would hope that it would be secure enough that an "unknown third party" would not have access to my account. Even if I gave permission to someone to use my account (for instance an eBay selling account) they would have to log on as me, therefore there would be no record of an "unknown third party">

. In the instructions for resolution, the business asked that I log in with my social security number as the login and password. Are they serious? They want me to go to an unsecure website and use my social security number for login information? I don't think so.

"Never, ever use your social security number for anything. It doesn't matter how secure the website is, this is simply unacceptable."

Another red flag to look for is the link in the website. People who are trying to steal your identity don't want you to open your web browser and manually type in a known URL address (, rather they want you to use the link they provide to forward you to their site so that the information you enter can be retrieved. Never use a link in an email that is requesting you to update personal information. If the email you have received is from a legitimate company, the chances of them giving you a link to click on are very slim. Most reputable companies will phone you to update information, or they will give you instructions on contacting them by telephone to update information

So, as you can see there are many ways to tell if an email is a scam or not. First of all, if you don't recognize the company, it's more than likely a scam. Next, look for misspelled words, active links, or the request for personal information such as social security numbers or account numbers. Frequently credit card numbers are also requested and that is also a no-no. Don't ever give a credit card number unless you know the company, and you are on a secure site.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our tech support at 800-485-5006, live chat, or We are happy to answer any questions you have.
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ACAC Conference
by Ruben Bybee

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ACAC Conference In May BMI attended the ACAC conference in Seattle. This conference is sponsored by Alden and Associates, a supplier of hardware for our line of AtraMax servers.

While at the conference we got a sneak peak of the new operating system from Microsoft called Vista. I think Vista will be a great improvement over Windows XP by offering faster performance, more features, and a great look. A buddy of mine attending the event said it looks a lot like a Mac...

We also got to meet with INTEL and AMD in regards to the future of processors and how they would best work with our line of servers. All in all, it was a very informative conference!
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Nature Cams
by Victor Luna

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Here are some nature cams where you can view a live feed rom a camera that takes a picture every few seconds. These are cameras have a live feed (real-time) to the internet. If you have a broadband connection, the pictures will load easy. If you have a dial up connection, you can still view just takes a bit of time for them to load up when they "refresh".

More and more "web cams" are appearing everyday, for your viewing pleasure. The ones I have picked below, involve animals and nature!

Smithsonian Different animal cams
SF Pier 39 San Francisco Pier 39 Sea Lion Webcam
Panda Station Giant Panda - San Diego Zoo
Honolulu Waikiki Beach, Hawaii
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Circus Word Find
by Gena Bybee

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Visit June 2006 Circus Word Find. Congratulations to Del A of Dayton, WA for winning the May 2006 Wordfind contest! Del received a $25.00 credit on their BMI account!
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Virus Report
by KJ Newby

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Hi folks...this is KJ & here is my current virus report for the month. Below I have listed five of the most common viruses at this time. Please click on the following links to view the top five viruses, their description, and instructions for removing them.

1. W32/Sdbot-BSL
2. W32/Mytob-HZ
3. Troj/Banker-BLZ
4. W32/Mytob-HX
5. Troj/Zapchas-KV
Also, here is a link to Microsoft's Security Site, which is full of information on what you can do to keep your PC running clean: Microsoft Security

If you are currently running an anti-virus program, make sure that it is updated at least once a month or more (you can never be too careful). If you are not currently running an anti-virus program, BMI can provide you with complete Anti-Virus software for only $2.00 a month! Just give us a call at 1-800-485-5006.
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Driving Directions
by Colin Miller

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It's time to put fuel in your tank and load up the kids. Driving vacation season is upon us. Yes, fuel prices are higher than ever, but if you're careful, you can save a few gallons on your trip by choosing efficient routing, and avoid wasted gas while you try to get "unlost"!

Here are a few sites that offer free driving directions:

Maporama This site is European based, but can do directions (called Itineraries) for anywhere in the world. Great results and they can be resized.

Googlemaps is an excellent site. Also offers the option to see a satellite view of your route!

mapquest is another good site.

MapPoint This site will even give you roadwork information on the route they plan for you.

The way to use these sites is to simply enter your beginning and ending cities (sometimes even specific addresses) and click the button to start. You'll be given the route. In some cases you can even choose by fastest or shortest. They are very accurate and can be valuable in planning a driving vacation.
Have fun and drive safe!
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by Tony Abrego

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  • What did the porcupine say to the cactus?
    Is that you, Mommy?

  • Which nut is like a sneeze?
    A cashew!

  • Why did the man put a dollar in his freezer?
    Because he wanted cold, hard cash!

  • How do you stop a skunk from smelling?
    Plug its nose!

  • What has teeth but can't bite?
    A comb

  • What is a rabbit's favorite music?
    Hip hop!

  • What do you get when you cross a spider with a computer?
    A web page.

  • What starts with a P, ends with E, and has a million letters in it?
    A post office.

  • What do you call a cow wearing a crown?
    Dairy queen!

  • How much dirt is in a hole 1 foot wide, 1 foot long, and 1 foot deep?
    None - there is NO dirt in a hole.

  • How many months have 28 days?
    All of them!

  • Why didn't the shark eat the clown?
    Because he tasted funny!

  • Why shouldn't you tell a secret on a farm?
    Because corn has ears and potatoes have eyes!

  • Why couldn't the Dalmatian hide from his mom?
    Because he was already spotted!

  • What did one math book say to the other?
    I have a lot of problems!

  • How does a telephone propose to his girlfriend?
    He gives her a ring!

  • What do runners do when they forget something?
    They jog their memory!

  • Why are cats terrible storytellers?
    Because they have only one tail!

  • Why did the circus lion eat the tightrope walker?
    He wanted a well-balanced meal!

  • What do you call a sleeping bull?
    A bull-dozer!

  • What can you break by just saying its name?

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State Parks
by Jose Acosta

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Camping = Here We Come!

For a lot of us, summertime means camping! Whether we go to the beach, a mountain lake, alongside a river, or in the woods, it is a fun-filled event whether you are single, a couple, a family, or a group. Many state parks offer different activities relative to the location, whether it is swimming, hiking, boating, etc. Some even offer nature hike tours or evening fireside programs.

How do we start... where do we go to reserve a campsite? Well, here is one link that will start you in the right direction: Reserve America. This website asks if you are looking for a campsite, a cabin, or just day use, as well as the state you are interested in, an arrival date or range of dates. After you enter that information and click Search, you are shown the list of campgrounds with their respective map and an opportunity to select the site to pitch your tent or park your RV. You can click on a particular campground name and review additional information about that location. You can also click on the link to view what sites are available at that campground. Once you have made your decision, you can click on Book Now to make the reservation, entering required information.

If you have not been to that campground before and are interested in more information, such as regulations, park hours, events, etc., you can do a Google search for that campground and see what it has to offer. For instance, if you are interested in Beverly Beach campgrounds in Oregon, you would enter in the Google search box beverly+beach+oregon and click Go. You will get a host of links regarding that campground offering all types of information.

My own experience has shown that very popular campsites go fast, so you have to reserve early, real early! Start January 1 to reserve a site that may be in high demand. So, pack the family, don't forget the dog, and bring lots of food!

Have a happy and safe camping excursion, and "Remember" Only You Can Prevent Wild Fires!
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Picture Find
by BMI Staff

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  • Picture Find
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    Fishing Crossword
    by Tami Rochelle

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    Congratulations to Celia M of Walla Walla, WA for winning the May 2006 Crossword contest! Celia received a $25.00 credit on her BMI account!
  • Fish Crossword
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    Palouse Falls
    by Jon Alexander

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    Well, spring is almost over and school will soon be letting out. The children will soon be at home for the summer looking for something to do. Oh, what will you do? Summer jobs have always seemed like a good idea to me, but there will eventually be the "I'm bored and there is nothing to do" statements that seem to float aimlessly around the house on lazy summer afternoons. The good news is there are many day trips to take around this area (and wherever you may be as well!) that even you will enjoy. Palouse Falls is one of my favorites and it is just off the Snake River in Washington...but be careful... there are rattlesnakes.

    Palouse Falls State Park consists of 105 acres for camping, hiking and wildlife viewing. According to the website the park was dedicated June 3rd, 1951. The name was changed from "Aputapat" to Palouse Falls to commemorate the Palouse Nation culture.

    There are many trails to hike... but if you are going for the main attraction it is viewable only after you are just above the parking area for the park. For most of the quarter mile above the falls, the river has eroded softer rock to ride harder bedrock right up the crest of the falls. Then the entire river drops 200 feet through an enormous punchbowl to the rocks below! Standing at the observation deck for the falls is attention grabbing in and of itself (but it does leave you wanting to see the river above the falls that is hidden from your view). The stretch of river above the falls can only be viewed by taking one of the hiking trails.

    From SR 261 Palouse Falls is located on Palouse Falls Road East about 14.4 miles southwest of the SR 261 and SR 260 junction. From the Walla Walla, Wa area, take Hwy 12 through Waitsburg and Dayton to SR 261. Follow SR 261 through Lyons Ferry over the Snake River. There will be signs for Palouse Falls.
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    by Ruben Bybee

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    BMI had the opportunity to attend LinuxFest Northwest in Bellingham, WA in May. We attended this event as both a vendor promoting our new line of AtraMax servers, as well as a participant to see what others in the Linux world are doing. It was a most pleasurable event, and gave us insight into the world of Linux that will help us better serve you.

    What is Linux :Linux is a free Unix-type operating system originally created by Linus Torvalds with the assistance of developers around the world.

    We were pleased to find that our AtraMax server stands tall above the other servers, providing a wealth of features. Our pricing model allows to be very competitive while still offering services usually reserved for far more expensive servers.

    We plan to take the information we acquired at LinuxFest to further "tweak" and improve our already outstanding server.
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    by matt Stephens

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    "Thanks so very much for your help. I never cease to be amazed at how you can find the problems I have had - guess that's why you all work where you do. Many, many thanks to all!"
    -Joan A. Dixie, WA

    "Thank you for catching these spam letters. I really appreciate not having to deal with them."
    Arlene D. Walla Walla WA

    . "I just can't thank you enough for all your help and patience with me. You all are a great team and I try to let people know that."
    Thanks again,
    - Rose G. Baker City, OR

    "We would like to give a special thanks to Matt for all the help he gave us with our computer. We are going to be traveling in our motor home and we appreciate his patience in answering all of our questions - thanks again Matt!"
    From 2 faithful BMI subscribers,
    -Ron and Suzie S. Walla Walla, WA

    "You people are too cool! I have dealt with internet providers since they came out. I was even fortunate in my youth that my dad introduced me to computers that, back then were as big a small bedroom. You people have my highest rating for your service and the attitude that comes with it! I thank-you with extreme gratitude for putting up with me! I excel at what I do in Const. and know all phases of it so if any of you have a question or need any guidance in this area please fell free to mail me. Have a great day! "
    -Arpad G. Lebanon, OR.

    Sweet Jon got me back on and in no time at all- Hes a keeper. Every time I have had a problem your guys have always helped me out. You have been the best internet service provider I have ever signed on to. I really appreciate the great service and recommend you to all my friends.
    Thank You Again..."
    -Tina M. Havre, MT
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    Referral Winners
    by BMI Staff

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    Congratulations to our May 2006 Referral winners!!

    In The On Ramp we told you we would begin drawing winners from our list of participants in our "Refer a Friend" program! To be entered in this month's contest, refer someone to BMI. If they signup, both YOU and your FRIEND are put into the drawing for great prizes!

    Mark H. of Walla Walla WA for referring Leo B. of Walla Walla WA
    Donna C. of Umatilla OR for being referred by Dani F of Umatilla, OR.

    Each lucky winner received $25.00 credit on their BMI Account!


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    POM - Best Little Computer Store
    by Jon Alexander

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    Blue Mountain Internet's Partner of the Month for June 2006 is: Best Little Computer Store of Milton-Freewater, Oregon.

    Company president Del Henry started the business in a shop located at his home over thirteen years ago. As the demand for computers and software grew, so did the company. It is currently located at , 85466 Highway 11 between NW Electrical and The Boat Yard. The store services an area of North Eastern Oregon and South Eastern Washington. Services offered are:

    • Computer Repair
    • Printer Repair & Supplies
    • Computer Upgrades
    • Computer Sales New & Used
    • Custom Built Computers
    • Laptop & Notebook Sales and Repair
    • Monitor Repair
    • Computer Component Sales
    • Install Networks: Cable & Wireless
    The Best Little Computer store staff can service Laptops, Monitors, Printers, Computers, Servers and most peripherals. They also service most makes and models of computers, either in their shop or your home or business.

    They are also experts at high-speed connection setup and can quickly resolve DSL/Cable Modem connectivity and sharing issues. They will quickly setup your peer-to-peer network with file and printer sharing at affordable rates. Best LIttle Computer Store delivers parts and equipment at no extra cost. You call look up their website at Best Little Computer Store or call them at 541-938-7569 or 800-850-7569
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