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 Issue # 36 October 2006 
Greetings from the Editor  by Carol Hall Quarterly Computer Drawi ...  by BMI Staff
All about Autumn  by Tony Abrego FAQ  by Matt Stephens
Autumn Wordfind  by Nathon O'Neel Look For Yourself  by Mike Rochelle
Online Shopping - Good o ...  by Colin Miller Spooky Riddles  by Nathon O'Neel
Crossword  by Tami Rochelle Craig's List  by KJ Newby
Picturefind Puzzle  by BMI Staff Cool Sites  by Jon Alexander
Payment Options  by Gena Bybee Kudos  by Matt Stephens
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Greetings from the Editor
by Carol Hall

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Greetings to all of you! Fall is in the air and things are definitely cooling down. I have included some interesting articles in this month's edition of "The On Ramp" and I hope that you enjoy them as well. I had much fun working the fall leaf jigsaw puzzle" included in Tony Abrego's article. In fact, I will be going back to that site shortly to work some of the other online jigsaw puzzles I saw listed there! I just love puzzles and hope you do as well!

I welcome your comments and additions to the newsletter! Please email me at
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Quarterly Computer Drawing
by BMI Staff

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Congratulations to Sheryl S. of Haines, OR for being the lucky winner of a new computer!! Sheryl was entered into our quarterly drawing for a new computer in our REFERRAL CONTEST!

Want to enter to win in the next drawing? It is easy! Simply refer a friend or family member to BMI for service. When they sign up for service, both you and your friend or family member are automatically entered into the next quarterly drawing!
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All about Autumn
by Tony Abrego

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Autumn is one of the four temperate seasons, the transition from summer into winter. In the temperate zones, autumn is the season during which most crops are harvested, and deciduous trees lose their leaves. It is also the season where days rapidly get shorter and cooler, the nights rapidly get longer.

. Every autumn across the northern hemisphere, diminishing daylight hours and falling temperatures induce trees to prepare for winter. In these preparations, they shed billions of tons of leaves. In certain regions, such as our own, the shedding of leaves is preceded by a spectacular color show. Formerly green leaves turn to brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red. These color changes are the result of transformations in leaf pigments.

Here area few links to family fun sites Enjoy 1

Science made Simple
Kid Zone
Enchanted Learning

When you think of autumn you usually feel Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween is an observance celebrated on the night of October 31, most notably by children dressing in costumes and going door to door collecting candy. It is celebrated in much of the western world, though most common in the United States, Puerto Rico, Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada, and with increasing popularity in Australia and New Zealand.

I found some really cool Halloween sites I'd like to share with you:
101 Halloween Ideas
Halloween Horror Nights
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by Matt Stephens

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Hello everyone in BMI land! Is summer really over?" According to the calendar it is, and it's getting colder at night so I guess it is. Do you know what that means? (Yes, we're all getting older, but that's not really what I had in mind.) I was thinking that it means more of you will be spending less time outdoors, and more time on the computer.

It seems that around this time of the year people start wondering how to optimize their online time.

Well, the answer to that question can come in a couple of different forms. First of all, the obvious. DSL. DSL is a form of broadband internet that allows you to surf the net at up to 25 times the speed of your dial up account. I know, it sounds great doesn't it? The bad news is not everyone's phone line qualifies for it. But does yours? Call our office and we'll run a quick test on your line to find out. It's a free check, so what are you waiting for? And the cost has never been lower. For a 256k connection speed (5-10 times faster than dialup) it's only $29.95 per month!

"But what if DSL is not an option for me?" We understand completely that DSL is not an option for everyone. Maybe you don't want to pay more; you just want the pages to load a little faster. BMI offers a turbo program that will enable your computer to open web sites up to 7 times faster.

"WOW! 7 times? How is that possible?" Well, the turbo is a small program that you load on your computer and it goes out and gets the information from the website in a much more streamlined fashion than a typical browser. It brings the whole website in at once rather than going back and forth with smaller packets.

The cost of the turbo program is just as good. The first month is free! If you like it, keep it for only $5 a month. If you don't like it, cancel it. We don't want you to have any type of service you don't like. But for free, there is no reason not to try it. I have used it at home myself, and it really does work well.

So I'll be expecting to hear from each of you out there that don't have it. Of course if you all call at once, I'll have to hire some extra people. Have a great month everyone, and enjoy the last few nice days before Old Man Winter knocks on your doors.

One more thing and I'll let you get back to your busy day. If you have a question, please feel free to send it to me. If I can find the answer, I'll share it with everyone. Just a guess, but you are probably not the only one that has that question. Wouldn't it be nice to share with everyone?
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Autumn Wordfind
by Nathon O'Neel

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Congratulations to Teresa P. of Walla Walla, WA for winning the drawing for the September 2006 Wordfind! Teresa received a $25.00 credit on her BMI account! Visit our Autumn Wordfind.
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Look For Yourself
by Mike Rochelle

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Traffic Cameras are an item a lot of us can't live without. Traffic cams in major metropolitan areas can show you what roads to avoid because of huge backups, an accident or road work. Also, if you're heading over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house you go, you might want to check out the mountain pass camera for any snow or the possibility of needing tire chains.

The first place to start off looking for cameras is Google
. You type in your state and your highway department name and a list is returned of traffic and road condition cameras.

There are literally thousands of cameras online at any one given time; it is a very good way to see the world from the comfort of your own computer. Enjoy

Vancouver WA Traffic Cam
Spokane Traffic Cam
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Online Shopping - Good or Bad?
by Colin Miller

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As we quickly approach the holiday shopping season, you may be wondering if there are ways to avoid the mad dash at the stores. While online shopping can be less stressful than store shopping, there are some safety issues to consider. Credit card use online is safe when you see a padlock near the bottom of your browser bar. This indicates the site is SECURE.

Pros of shopping online:

Convenience: This is the biggest motivator for a lot of people. Online shopping is much faster and easier than schlepping out to the mall. You can shop at anytime of the day and you can step away for a few minutes and come right back to where you were.

Price: You can find great deals online. You can also comparison shop by opening another browser. You will pay shipping and handling, but there is no sales tax on Web purchases if the company you buy from has a brick & mortar store in your state.

Inventory: It is often possible to find high-demand items online that are not available at local retailers.

Cons of shopping online:

Scams: It is a small possibility, but still a possibility. You can get scammed during an online transaction. To avoid this, use a site like Reseller Ratings to check a seller's reputation. It is free and full of comments on just about any retailer you can find. If you don't find the seller, that's your first clue to avoid them. Stick to highly rated and well known retailers and your risk will stay low.

Shipping: Shipping charges can add a significant amount to your total cost of purchasing You can shop around for this as well. Not everyone charges the same amount.

Spam: Many companies will add you to a mailing list unless you check or uncheck the correct box. You have to read the bottom of your order page very carefully if you wish to avoid their mailing list.

Sizing: Inability to try on clothes - this can be difficult depending on what size you wear. If you wear the same size across all clothes manufacturers, you have little to worry about. But if you wear one size from one company and another size at another, you may do some return shipping. Some retailers offer free return shipping, so look for that feature.
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Spooky Riddles
by Nathon O'Neel

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What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman?
A: Frostbite

What do ghosts add to their morning cereal?
A: Booberries

What did one ghost say to the other ghost?
A: "Do you believe in people?"

Why do mummies have trouble keeping friends?
A: They're so wrapped up in themselves

What type of dog do vampire's like the best?
A: Bloodhounds

What's a vampire's favorite fast food?
A: A guy with very high blood pressure

What did the little ghost have in his rock collection?
A: A Tombstones

What did the mother ghost say to the baby ghost?
A: "Don't spook until you're spooken to."

What do you call a little monster's parents?
A: Mummy and deady

What does a skeleton orders at a restaurant?
A: Spare ribs.

What game do ghost like to play?
A: Peek-a-Boo

What goes "Ha-ha-ha . . . THUD!"
A: A monster laughing his head off

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by Tami Rochelle

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Congratulations to Paula M. of Haines, OR for winning the drawing for the September 2006 Crossword! Paula received a $25.00 credit on her BMI account! Visit our October Crossword.
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Craig's List
by KJ Newby

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Hi folks! This month I will tell you about Craig's List. It is a local community classifieds and forum site. A place to find jobs, housing, goods & services, social activities, a girlfriend or boyfriend, advice, community information, and just about anything else. All for free, and in a relatively non-commercial environment.

Craigslist was started in 1995, by Craig Newmark, in San Francisco, California.

Craigslist has about 10 million visitors each month, so whether you're looking for a place to live or a new sofa and love seat (in your local area), someone has it - all you have to do is look.

Once you go to Craig's List you will want to select the state that you live in and then select the nearest city to you. Now you are looking at local or close to home links of interest.

You can browse all the listings. If you want to reply or post an ad, you simply create an account. All in all, this is a very useful site that just might have what you're looking for.

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Picturefind Puzzle
by BMI Staff

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Congratulations to Gerry M. of Starbuck, WA for winning the drawing for the September 2006 Picture Find puzzle! Gerry received a $25.00 credit on her BMI account! Visit our October Three of a Kind Puzzle.
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Cool Sites
by Jon Alexander

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If you have been surfing today's internet you may have picked up that it can be the modern day version of the wild, wild west. There are some very cool web sites on the internet. Here are three interesting ones:

. If you have a favorite web site that you love to hate check out Net Disaster You can throw pies at all the issues that irritate you.

Are you bored? Have nothing to do? Look into . You will find some of the craziest photos and videos that the United States can produce. Hey, isn't that your neighbor in that picture.

Want to impress your friends with a customized Google Map? You can do it. Look into Show Me Where
. There are easy step-by-step instructions the will make maps in both the regular map screens and in the google earth option. You can even add the map to your web page.
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Payment Options
by Gena Bybee

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This month, I want to share with you all the great ways we have available for you to make a payment on your account.

AUTO PAYMENTS: We can set up your account with auto-pay. Your account will be automatically charged to your Credit or Debit card each billing cycle. Every time your payment is processed you will receive an email receipt.

ONLINE PAYMENTS: You can make One Time Only Payments with a Credit/Debit card by logging on to BMI Homepage and click on the billing tab at the top of the page. You may do a "One Time Only" payment or set it up for automatic payments.

PAY BY PHONE: Call our office at 800-485-5006 or 522-5006 and one of our friendly and helpful Customer Service Representatives will assist you with a One Time Payment, or set up your account for auto-pay .We are open 7 days a week for your convenience!

PAYPAL: You can make a Pay-Pal payment by logging on to BMI Homepage and click on the billing tab at the top of the page. This is a One time Only payment method.

BY MAIL: You can also mail your payment to Blue Mountain Internet 206 N 2nd Ave Suite D Walla Walla, WA 99362.

VISIT OUR OFFICE: Or, if you live close to Walla Walla, you can pay at our office - 206 N 2nd Ave Suite D Walla Walla, WA 99362. Our walk-in hours are 8 AM to 5 PM PST Monday - Friday. We are located in the rear of the UNICEL Building.
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by Matt Stephens

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"Thank you so much, Matt! I am certainly not one of your more computer literate customers, but thanks to Matt I was able to go through the steps to get things working again. Now I can e-mail my sisters all over the country!!!" Sincerely,
-Barbara L of Medford, OR

"We want to thank Colin and the others who helped us restructure our DSL and web hosting. They went above and beyond to help us poor computer challenged. A big thank you and A to all."
-Cheryl and Tricia of Weston, OR

"Thank you for the help in receiving our mail from the spam board. My son who is going to Iraq soon sent a picture that I wanted. Your assistance was greatly appreciated. Thanks again."
-Lucy J of Florence, OR

"I am slow getting back to you with kudos , but I really have appreciated all of the kind, patient and professional help you have given to me. It is so nice to talk to a warm body and not have to punch numbers forever and end up talking to a person from a foreign land that is unable to help."
-Johanna S of Bend, OR

"Thank all you good folks at BMI for always helping me out of my messes I get into."Mbr< -Shirley B. of Milton-Freewater, OR

"Just got off the phone with Victor who solved the problem I've been having connecting to the DSL. Bless his heart. We were on the phone for hours and he finally figured out that Qwest had simply stopped the service to our DSL line about a month ago and that was why we could no longer connect. He was very patient with me and with the darned cell phone whose connection was very spotty. By Friday the 8th, we should have service again. He is a dear. Thank you. "
-Iva M of Baker City, OR

"I would like to say thank you for the exceptional service provided since I opened this account. When it was necessary to request tech support, Jon was fabulous at ensuring my every concern and request was addressed and corrected if necessary. When I called with questions, staff were extraordinarily friendly, courteous, and helpful. Your reputation is very solid and I consistently hear that from my friends, coworkers, and family who use BMI services. Hats off to you and your company and please know your efforts do not go unnoticed! Thanks again and I wish you all the best!!!"
-Mike C of Baker City, OR

"Colin, thanks for your help and patience. I have tried many servers in the past, but your the first where I could understand the English. Thanks loads and am looking forward to being with you all. "
-Margaret T. of Pueblo, CO

"Thank you, Colin. You were so patient with me on the phone and extremely helpful. It is important to me as a customer to have such experienced people working with someone who is not exactly computer savy. Thank you again and have a great day!"
-Barbara B of Walla Walla, WA

"I just wanted to go on record that your Technical and Customer Support is the best I've experienced with any ISP! Anytime I need to contact BMI with a question or problem, I know I will receive a quick, courteous and patient response. Kudos to you all!"
-Len C of Jamestown, NM

:I would like to thank Nathon for his help in my connection matter. I followed his instructions on removing MSN Messenger and now my computer is running just fine when I dial up and now IE6 does not take forever to open! Thanks for the help and taking the time to discuss all issues. Nathon is a great guy!"
-Michael T of Gallup, NM

"All is well on this end now and I would just like to thank the techs for their wonderful help and above and beyond patience with me and all of my problems!!!!! You are all giving us a superb service and it is deeply appreciated!!!!! Thanks again, "
-Ilene F of Hermiston, OR
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