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 Issue # 43 May 2007 
Greetings from the Editor  by Carol Hall A little Trivia  by Carol Hall
Internet Cafes  by Cheryl Hooker Hollywood - The Place  by Mike Rochelle
Up to date OS?  by Colin Miller Ultimate Fighting Champi ...  by Victor Luna
VHS to DVD  by Cheryl Hooker FAQs  by Matt Stephens
Hollywood Crossword  by Tami Rochelle Foods Hollywood Style  by Gena Bybee
Mac Corner  by Katrina Magnani Movies-Hollywoodland  by KJ Newby
Hollywood Wordfind  by Carol Hall Domain Names  by Tony Abrego
PictureFind  by Ruben Bybee Kudos  by Matt Stephens
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Greetings from the Editor
by Carol Hall

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Greetings to all of you! The theme for this edition of "The On Ramp" is dedicated to "Hollywood". So, if you find yourself visiting Hollywood in the near future, you will know just where to find an internet cafe! Although most of us will not visit Hollywood this year....with the Internet, it is easy to take a "virtual trip" there and see the sites. Enjoy!

I welcome your comments and additions to the newsletter! Please email me at

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A little Trivia
by Carol Hall

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Here is a fun site to pick up a bit of HOLLYWOOD Trivia:

Here is a great place to take a few HOLLYWOOD Trivia Quizzes :

Hollywood and Vine Pictures! Hollywood and Vine

A Good Laugh:

*In Hollywood they get married early in the morning. That way, if it doesn't work out, you haven't wasted a whole day.

*The hardest thing in Hollywood is to keep the marriage a secret until the divorce leaks out.

*I was invited to a Hollywood wedding. Traffic was heavy, so I got there late -- just in time for the divorce.

*One Hollywood kid has good reason to be proud: at the last PTA meeting, he won the prize for having the most parents there.

*One actress is sentimental: she always gets divorced in the dress her mother was married in.

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Internet Cafes
by Cheryl Hooker

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Internet is now, more than ever, the popular place to connect your laptop to a wireless internet connection and relax at the same time with a cup of your favorite beverage.

The following is a list of cafes with internet access while you are in the Hollywood area:

     Twentynine Palms
     Orange Cyber Java
     Hollywood Ethertable Cybercafe
     Santa Monica Gigabite Internet Cafe
     West LA Green Cafe
     Idyllwild iBrowse Coffee & Internet
     Alhambra Java Joe's
     Ventura Jazz & Java
     Redlands LA Cyber Cafe
     Sherman Oaks Mailbox Cafe
     Hollywood Planet Cyber Coffee House & Computer Center
     La Mirada, Canoga Park Plush Cafe
     Fullerton Rooms Cafe
     Westwood Swork, Eagle Rock Toro NetCafe
     Carson - Cal State University
     Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) Web Wave Cybercenter
     Laguna Beach Young & Lazy Cafe
     Long Beach Directories
     California The Cybercafe Search Engine

The following link will give you quick access to the cyber café addresses and additional information!@ LA

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Hollywood - The Place
by Mike Rochelle

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Hollywood is a district in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., situated west-northwest of Downtown. Due to its fame and cultural identity as the historical center of movie studios and stars, the word "Hollywood" is often used as another name for the American film and television industry.

     Today much of the movie industry has moved into surrounding areas such as Burbank and the westside, but significant parts of industries (such as editing, effects, props, post-production, and lighting companies) remain in Hollywood. It is a popular destination for nightlife and tourism, and home to the Walk of Fame and the Academy Awards. As a portion of the City of Los Angeles, Hollywood does not have its own municipal government, but does have an appointed official that serves as "honorary mayor" for ceremonial purposes only. Currently, the "mayor" is Johnny Grant. Since this is a non-elected, honorary position, Grant has held this position for decades.

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Up to date OS?
by Colin Miller

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Having an up to date operating system such as Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (you can find your version by right clicking on My Computer, then left clicking on Properties) is a great start to keeping your computer safe from a internet virus,

Actually running an Anti Virus program really steps up the protection. BMI offers a great value on AV at just $2.00 per month or $20 per year, please visit our BMI Desktop AV page for more information.

Another great tech tip is to keep the latest versions of Spybot Search & Destroy and AdAware SE on your computer and run them weekly. This will help keep spyware to a minimum, if not completely removed. BMI will support all of these programs.  You can get these FREE at   BMI REWARDS     

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Ultimate Fighting Championship
by Victor Luna

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     Here is another site for a lot of you hard hitting fans. Ultimate Fighting Championship.  You can find upcoming event stats on specific fighters, events and even buy tickets to the next fights.

     There is a schedule tab where it shows you the TV programming for events and special appearances. Get info on all the Champs from Chuck Liddell to Randy Couture.

     Check out the media tab and get tons of videos and photo galleries of old matches.

     On the UFC store get the old fights, the new fights and sport a new shirt and hat with the UFC logo. If you are an UFC and MMA fan, this is the site for you!

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by Cheryl Hooker

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If you're wondering what to do with your stack of old videotapes, I found the following website information by David English to help you with what you need to copy your analog video into a digital format like DVD:

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by Matt Stephens

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"When I send an email with pictures, why does the person get a box with a red X?"

Hello everyone in BMI land. "The weather is warming up and it's beautiful outside. Well, here it is; I can only hope it is where you are too".

This past month I received an email from one of our valued customers about a topic for my column. His question even had me stumped for a logical answer. Special thanks to the internet and the Google search function for helping me come up with a multitude of answers for you.  The question is: 

"I have a problem sending email with pictures. Most of the time the recipient gets the text but no pictures. Just little square boxes with a red "X" in them. The only way I can send them is by saving them as an attachment which works. A few emails I get from others also have this problem..."

Now I'm sure most of you have realized by now that I can go on and on about an issue that has a relatively simple answer. So I really hope to keep this as short as possible while still being of some help.

First, the reasons this can happen:

1.  "The sender has sent a link shortcut instead of an image. A red box will appear in an email in the image is not available from the web site that is hosting it." A referenced image has an incorrect path and points to a non-existent image (example: the picture in question is part of an online photo album and the address to that website is mistyped).

2.  "It is possible that your email program does not support HTML and you are unable to view images that are present in the HTML code " HTML email with images may not be viewable while offline because the picture may download from the server as you are reading the email.

3.  "If the image is from a website as mentioned above, and your firewall program is blocking that website, you won't be able to view the pictures "(example: if is blocked by your firewall then would not be able to be viewed).

     Okay, now that we're all confused about all this, let's see if we can find a solution that will work. To start off, Outlook Express is not particularly friendly when it comes to abstract file names. If someone sends you an image that has strange characters in its name like asterisks, questions marks, dollar signs and things of that nature, there is a pretty good likelihood that your computer will not be able to view that picture. So first and foremost, verify that the file name is something normal like mattspic.jpg. A side note I would like to enter here is that while you are troubleshooting this, anytime you send a test image, follow these instructions. " In addition to the person you are sending the message too, also send the message to yourself " Once the message is sent, get off line
*Click on start
*Click on control panel
*Double click on internet options
*Click the clear history button and okay it
*Click the delete cookies button (windows me and xp only)
*Click the delete files button
Then get online again, and check your email to see if the image comes through in your in box. If it does, the issue is most likely resolved.

In most cases, the following troubleshooting step will likely take care of the issue you are having with sending messages with images in them:
*Open Outlook Express.
*Click on Tools, and then click on Options.
*Go to the Send tab and click on it. Next - make sure that HTML is selected under mail sending format.
*Click on the HTML Settings button. Make sure that there is a check mark in the box that says Send pictures with messages
*Click OK.
Now, just test it out and see if it works. You may have something that looks a bit different than what I described above. If this is the case:
*Click on start, settings and control panel.
*Double click on Internet Options
*Click on the Advanced tab
*Scroll down to the Multimedia section and place a check in the box for show pictures

I sincerely hope that this helps you out if you have had this problem. Other likely causes are the picture that you are viewing was created in a format that your computer doesn't support, or the picture was not sent with the email. If that's the case, save the picture as an attachment and send it again. Most likely this is the answer to the question asked, but there will be side notes and questions as you go along. Should anything come up, feel free to call us and ask. We are here for you.

If you have a question like this one, send it to us. We'll find the answer for you. Thanks everyone, and enjoy your spring time while it's here. Time doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

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Hollywood Crossword
by Tami Rochelle

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Congratulations to Loreen M. of Walla Walla WA R for winning the drawing for the April 2007 Crossword! Loreen received a $25.00 credit on her BMI account! Go To Crossword Puzzle Now
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Foods Hollywood Style
by Gena Bybee

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TV: Unwrapped: Hollywood: Food Network join host, Marc Summers, as he shines the spotlight on the stars of Hollywood food! Check out a company making cookies of famous movie faces, Famous Faces
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Mac Corner
by Katrina Magnani

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Looking for a website with the latest Mac News, Tips, suggestions, newest products, discussion groups and other helpful things only for Macs? Then this site will definitely be worth viewing: Mac World
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by KJ Newby

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Hollywoodland 2006 Internet Movie Database

Here's the plot:

     An exploration of fame and identity, inspired by one of Hollywood's most infamous real-life mysteries.
     June 16, 1959. The glamour of Tinseltown permanently fades for actor George Reeves, the heroic Man of Steel on TV's Adventures of Superman, as the actor dies in his Hollywood Hills home. Felled by a single gunshot wound, Reeves leaves behind a fiancée - aspiring starlet Leonore Lemmon - and millions of fans who are shocked by his death. But it is his grieving mother, Helen Bessolo, who will not let the questionable circumstances surrounding his demise go unaddressed.
     Helen seeks justice, or at least answers. The Los Angeles Police Department closes the case, but Helen hires - for $50 a day - private detective Louis Simo. Simo soon ascertains that the torrid affair Reeves had with Toni Mannix, the wife of MGM studio executive Eddie Mannix, might hold the key to the truth.
     But truth and justice are not so easily found in Hollywood. Simo pursues dangerous and elusive leads in both high and low places and, in trying to turn up the heat, risks getting burned. The detective also uncovers unexpected connections to his own life as the case turns more personal and he learns more about Reeves himself. Behind the icon was a complex man who gave his life to Hollywood in more ways than one.

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Hollywood Wordfind
by Carol Hall

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Congratulations Lauren S of Deer Lodge MT for winning the drawing for the April 2007 Wordfind! Lauren received a $25.00 credit on her BMI account!

Go To Hollywood WordFind
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Domain Names
by Tony Abrego

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     Ever wonder about all those .coms and .nets and .orgs?  Here is a site that will explain how domain names work on the Internet:  How Domain Names Work

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by Ruben Bybee

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Congratulations to Michael A. of Walla Walla WA for winning the drawing for the April 2007 Picture Find puzzle! Michael received a $25.00 credit on his BMI account! Go To May Picture Find
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by Matt Stephens

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"I wish to thank you for the prompt and correct information you gave for solving my problem! I really enjoy having you people as my provider. The service and assistance has been great! Unlike other providers, you have been very easy to reach and it's easy to speak with a real person. Thanks again and keep up the great job!"
Janet S. Tonasket, WA

"Hi. Just to let you know, Colin did a great job with my troubles on the down loads, He is a keeper. Great job all around, I will recommend BMI to all my friends. Thanks again Colin"
-Lloyd H. Mountain Home, ID

"I want to thank all of your staff for always being there for me & being so helpful & kind. Every time I have needed help the staff have been there & willing to help. So THANK YOU!!! Not all internet providers are like that. So I just want to say thank you very much for being kind & courteous. It may be your job but, your staff & company actually does provide this service. Once again please pass my thanks on to all of your staff"
-Kelly R Nathrop, CO

"Thank you for your support, I will, and have will continue to recommend you to my friends. Colin was very polite, professional and is an asset to your company. If I have future problems, I hope to connect to him again...again thank you."
-David W. Blackfoot, ID

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