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 Issue # 51 January 2008 
Greetings from the editor  by Carol Hall Gets a New Look  by Ruben Bybee
New Year Humor  by Carol Hall Teaching Our Kids  by Rochelle Helms
PictureFind  by BMI staff Your Desktop's New Look  by Cheryl Hooker
A New Look At Food  by Gena Bybee Crossword  by Tami Rochelle
Big Brother's New Look  by Scott Larson A new look at Old books  by Michelle Morgan
Fathead  by Victor Luna The City of Cheyenne  by Mike Rochelle
Wordfind  by Carol hall Kudos  by Matt Stephens
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Greetings from the editor
by Carol Hall

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My very best to each and everyone of you as we zoom into a new year! 2008 is upon us and it should be a most interesting year at all levels...personally, nationally and worldwide. Nothing ever seems to stay the same, but some years bring more change than others. I believe 2008 will be one of those "very changing" years. I

It is traditional that people make "New Year Resolutions", hoping to maintain them through at least...Hmmmm...February? They are really difficult to keep, but the reason behind each resolution is good and I wish you success in every resolution you make!

I hope you enjoy this month's issue of The On Ramp ...Happy New Year!

I welcome your comments and additions to the newsletter! Please email me at

Top | | BMI Home Gets a New Look
by Ruben Bybee

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We re VERY EXCITED to unveil a new updated BMI web site (you can see it now at The new BMI web site has improved network status pages (at the top right), enchanced billing integration (for faster access to your account). Additionally we have completely revamped the BMI service offerings with more color and easier access to the most common questions. There is a link at the top of the BMI home page entitled services or you can go there directly at

We appreciate any feedback or other suggestions for the BMI homepage.

This update will not affect your customized BMI home page. It will continue to provide you with your own customized entrance to the Internet.
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New Year Humor
by Carol Hall

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This site has some great rationalizations for New Year Resolutions (Scroll to the bottom and read 'Twas the Month after Christmas"...I can most certainly relate to that!):
Humor Matters

A cute "history" of New Year Resolutions:
Resolution History

A funny "legal Agreement" between Husband and Wife in regards to New Year Resolutions:

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Teaching Our Kids
by Rochelle Helms

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As parents, I believe we are teachers too. The world changes constantly and to keep up with the changes we need new ways to teach our children. Here are a couple sites with information I have found useful and fun. I Hope you will too!

First you can take the opportunity to teach your child the difference between "needs and wants" by teaching them a new way to look at the word Santa. We all know the drain this season has had on our bank accounts... here is something I found that was pretty interesting and beneficial.

Keeping with the theme of A New Look and kids, this site has a new look. The new site layout makes it easier to navigate. If your kids need to study or find information for school projects this is a great site I have my son use.
It's not just for school either, it is a great site with tons of information for kids from grades K-5 and 6-8. There is also a new section for educators that includes links to helpful lesson plans, classroom activities and web resources. New links and special sites are  highlighted on the homepage, so kids can always find something new and fun.

Another site I want to share is about travel with the kids. How do we entertain them and teach them at the same time? Look at Back Seat Books.

Lastly, just for fun: This is an actual handout distributed to the faculty in a public school. Here is a site to see the new terms or political correct way to describe our children:
Free Republic

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by BMI staff

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Congratulations to Patricia H of Stites, ID for winning the drawing for the December 2007 Picturefind! She received a $25.00 credit on her BMI account! Visit the January 2008 PictureFind Now.
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Your Desktop's New Look
by Cheryl Hooker

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If you are sick of looking at the same old background that you have when you turn on your computer - BLAH!! You have looked at the same old picture for years!! Well, here is something you might not know:

To change your desktop picture, follow these easy steps:

Right click on any blank spot on your desktop (This will bring up a pop-up menu)

Left click on the word properties

Click on the tab that says desktop

There is a box under the word background that has different pictures that came on your computer, you can choose one of those.

Or if you want to customize your picture, all you have to do is open a picture that is on your computer, like a child's picture, a beautiful place you went to on the beach, etc.

Then right click on the picture

Choose set as background

Here are some really nice pictures from the National Geographic Website:
National Geographic

Here are some really pretty scenery pictures on this website:

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A New Look At Food
by Gena Bybee

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Getting Healthy With Food - 10 Foods for Better Health
Nutritional All Stars

The 2 following articles are a little old, but still worth the read!

Food Pyramid Gets New Look. Exercise Component, Serving Sizes Added Washington Post 

A New Look at the Pyramid - Food Guide Pyramid may be getting a vegetarian makeover
Bnet Research

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by Tami Rochelle

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Congratulations to Sarah B of Umatilla, OR for winning the drawing for the December 2007 Crossword! She received a $25.00 credit on her BMI account! Visit the January 2008 Crossword Now.
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Big Brother's New Look
by Scott Larson

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If you like being in front of the camera, then you will love the new sophisticated surveillance system being deployed by authorities in Chicago. In the name of public safety, faceless bureaucrats in Chicago are linking the new cameras to a very powerful computer program that will analyze street /sidewalk images and alert law enforcement whenever suspicious activities are logged.

If the computer program deems you to be acting suspicious, the snoopervision can zoom in on you and follow you from camera to camera. Standing on a street corner?...Waiting on a Taxi?...Or maybe just sitting in you car? What would be considered suspicious? Apparently, only the authorities that monitor the cameras can define exactly what suspicious behavior is.

After the initial deployment, the new smart cameras are scheduled to be installed in public transportation, and numerous other city agencies. The director of Chicago's new surveillance system insists that this intrusion is for our own good and we will all be much safer.

Somewhere sits George Orwell with a silly grin, saying "I told you so".

Public Surveillance
California Research Bureau

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A new look at Old books
by Michelle Morgan

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These days, good old fashioned books are called 'treeware.' This is because so many books - both classics and brand new releases from big imprints - are available in electronic format.

These treeless books are called ebooks. Many years ago, Project Gutenberg spearheaded a movement to get public domain titles scanned, proofed, and released for free on the Internet. Thousands of volunteers took books (old enough to be out of copyright) and turned them into electronic files so they can be easily indexed and accessed by anyone with Internet access.

Today, Project Gutenberg hosts thousands and thousands of public domain titles you can download and read for free. These books can be read directly on your computer, or using a portable electronic device (like a palmtop computer, ebook reader, or a cell phone).

If you love to read, or would enjoy electronic access to the classics, check out
Project Gutenberg

Ebook Readers:

Ebook Software for your PC:

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by Victor Luna

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Have you ever wanted a life size picture of your favorite player?  Well you can get it at 

They tons of life size players from NFL, MLB, NHL, soccer, boxing and even NASCAR drivers (and cars)!

And not just players, but their team logos and helmets. They carry a variety of other merchandise (superman and batman to military vehicles) and lots more.

The fatheads stick to your wall and can be removed without tearing part of your wall.   It sticks with a low-tack adhesive that doesn't pull off paint.

The site has a way for you to search  for the players you want, so check it out! 

 It may be a little late for this years Christmas shopping, but this will give you time to find out who the favorites are for the people on your shopping list next year!

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The City of Cheyenne
by Mike Rochelle

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Cheyenne is an active economic, cultural and political center for the northern plains and is the capital of the state of Wyoming.

The "Magic City of the Plains" is located at the intersection of Interstates 25 and 80 in southeast Wyoming. Cheyenne is approximately 100 miles north of Denver, Colorado. The elevation is 6,062 feet.

On July 4, 1867, General Grenville Dodge with his survey crew platted the site now known as Cheyenne (Dakota Territory, later Wyoming Territory). There were many from a hundred miles around who felt the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad through the area would bring them prosperity. So, by the time the first track was built into Cheyenne four months later (November 13), over four-thousand people had migrated into the new city. Because it sprang up like magic, it became known as "Magic City, Queen of the Plains".

Cheyenne offers year round activities including organized sports programs offered through the City; special community events like Super Day, Cheyenne Frontier Days western celebration and rodeo which is known as The Daddy of 'em All, Oktoberfest, The Goblin Walk, and the Christmas Parade, to name a few. Additionally they have a recreational Greenway path for walking, riding bikes, or roller blading, that encompasses a majority of the City.  They have ski resorts located in the nearby Medicine Bow National Forest and in the Colorado Rockies with lakes located as close as 30 miles from Cheyenne.   Laramie County Community College  resides in Cheyenne and the University of Wyoming in Laramie 45 miles to the west.

There is something for everyone. As a town created by the railroad, Cheyenne fittingly preserves one of the eight surviving Union Pacific Big Boy locomotives ("4004"), and some of the largest steam locomotives ever built, designed for hauling freight over the Rocky Mountains at high speeds. These engines typically hauled 100 freight cars up ruling grades between Cheyenne and Ogden, Utah, at 50 miles per hour! Check out Cheyenne Depot Museum

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by Carol hall

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Congratulations Colleen G. of Dayton, WA for winning the drawing for the December 2007 Wordfind! Colleen received a $25.00 credit on her BMI account! Visit the January 2008 WordFind Now.
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by Matt Stephens

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"As we have traveled thru the mid-west this Fall we have really appreciated your service in providing dial-up numbers in a quick, efficient manner. Thanks!"
-Patsy B. Milton-Freewater, OR

"Happy Holidays to you all! Thank you for the many times you have helped me. I am a senior citizen and I don't know much about my Mac but you are always willing to help me. Most sincerely"
-Doris W. Cove, OR

"I know this is silly, but I just wanted to say happy holidays and best wishes for a wonderful New Year to the customer service staff at BMI. I love my BMI internet service provider, and I am a loyal customer because the company is based in WA and still values its customers enough to provide customer service out of Walla Walla. I chose BMI as my service provider precisely because they have local/American based customer service. My internet service is also good. Thanks again for the great service this year, and you can count on my business next year and for as long as the company stays true to its business philosophy of employing local customer service staff. Best wishes,"
Gale H. Lincoln City, OR

"Cheryl is the best! Dealing with Qwest ranged from annoying to frustrating. But Cheryl at BMI has a knack for communication that kept me in the loop with the clear message that she is working for me. Ill be sticking with BMI after great service from Cheryl! Thank you Cheryl."
- Doug S. Silverdale, WA

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